A Christmas Tree Story



Happy Holidays! This is such a fun time of year. This is our first Christmas in our new home and we were SO excited to go pick out a real Christmas tree. I grew up with a fake tree, but Sam is 100% all about the real trees. His family has been going to the same tree lot for years. They invite me to come every year and I have to admit going to the tree lot and picking one out is so fun. We measured our ceiling before we left on our tree hunt. We thought about bringing a tape measure, but thought Sam’s arm height was more reliable :) We tied it on our car, carried it inside and… it was about a FOOT too tall for our little ceiling!!! Once we got the tree stand up, it was way too tall. Well, we just about died laughing (hello Clark Griswold! it’s like we learned nothing from Christmas Vacation). We decided to pull out the weed whackers and trim our tree. We cut about a foot off of the top and after we covered it with ornaments and a star, I don’t think you can really tell. I also decided to keep the top of the tree in a little vase on our kitchen table so we can laugh every time we look at it! Sam and I don’t have a ton of ornaments, so we decided to start a new tradition where we will buy one that makes us think of the other person each year. Can’t wait to see what it will look like in 30 years! I thought I wouldn’t really like decorating an entire house for Christmas, but I think it’s turned out quite the opposite!

christmas-tree-4 christmas-tree-2 christmas-tree-1

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