Britt & Sam Maternity Photos


Sam and I were hesitant to get maternity photos taken just because it seemed kind of indulgent to take them before the baby is here, but now we are so glad we did. Although I feel the least glamorous I ever have, I’m sure I will look back and be happy to remember this time of life. In more exciting news, only one month until we get to meet this baby girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session with Meg Turley.  Maternity_Haslam-6 Maternity_Haslam-28 Maternity_Haslam-8 Maternity_Haslam-9 Maternity_Haslam-11 Maternity_Haslam-14 Maternity_Haslam-15 Maternity_Haslam-34

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