Brooke needs help decorating her nursery!


I have been looking at different nurseries on Pinterest for months and I cannot decide on ANYTHING! Here are the items I think that I want to include in our nursery:

  • one accent wall with wallpaper – leaning towards a floral pattern but I’m a little worried I might get sick of it?
  • a cute white crib (suggestions? friends tell me they love theirs from Ikea)
  • a comfortable glider with ottoman that Parker can easily fit in. He’s 6’4″ :)
  • dresser/changing table in one
  • soft, pretty rug

That is it! Below I have posted a few photos that I really love from Pinterest. I want to know what you guys loved having in your nurseries and what I should skip. Is there a certain brand that is better than another? Help a pregnant girl out!






Please send me your suggestions!


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  1. Mom Graham says

    I would NOT get a changing table with the little walls around the top. We did and then, what do you do with it! It’s obviously a changing table and when the kids are 5 or 6, they don’t need it any more. Just do a dresser that can go from baby to big girl easily. Love ya!

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