Steal or Splurge Contour Kits

Britt and I have jumped into the contouring world head first… and after a little practice we are loving it! We’ve all seen the pictures on Pinterest that show how to contour your makeup, but end up looking more like Halloween tutorials. {these pictures can be terrifying} However, if you follow the guide and use light strokes it works like magic. We now use our contour kits instead of bronzer or highlighter, because it contains both products. It’s also a great space saver if you need to finish your makeup on the go, you can just throw it in your bag (oh wait, I’m the only one that finishes my makeup at my desk, right?).  Britt and I have been testing out countless products over the years and wanted to share our two favorites. One is a steal and one is a splurge.

Splurge: Anastasia Contour Kit $40

We are pretty obsessed with every item in the Anastasia makeup line and this kit is no different. The palette has 6 different shades to choose from which makes for a more natural look. It also comes with a guide that shows you where to use each color – so helpful! This is a good choice for someone who plans to contour regularly. Below is my before & after after using the Anastasia kit, it makes a big difference! (I also contoured my lips with regular lipstick & a highlighter.)

anastasia contour



Steal: Ulta Contour Kit $18

ulta contour kit

This kit has the same layout as the Anastasia edition. However, the price makes it more approachable for anyone that is still feeling intimidated by contouring. It is a great starter kit, perfect for experimenting and seeing what looks best on your face. Also, the powder is in larger containers, so technically you are getting more bang for your buck with this kit. Plus, look at the handy dandy guide that comes right on the cover! Britt’s before & after pics using this kit are shown below.


 If you end up like this, please send me a pic :) Or just start blending! AmySchumerMakeup

5 Keys to Flawless Foundation

Flawless Foundation7 When Brooke and I hit the age of 12 a terrible thing started happening… zits! We were cursed with acne and it took years to find out how to get it under control. Our advice for that — go to a great dermatologist and get on something that cures it from the inside out. You can try all the topical creams in the world, but you have to stop the actual cause of acne and I can almost guarantee it’s not because your face is dirty. For us, it was birth control pills and an antibiotic. Worked wonders and cleared up our faces. Anyway… along the way we experimented with just about every concealer and foundation out there. We finally found a favorite that does everything a great foundation is supposed to: covers, blends and makes skin look flawless. People ask us quite a bit what kind of foundation we use, so we figured it was time to do a post about it. Either we are total cake faces and they are trying to give us a hint, or they actually want to know, so if you fall into the “actually want to know” category, here are 5 keys to flawless foundation!

1. Moisturize Your Skin

There is no foundation that will look good if your skin is not moisturized. It will look splotchy and flaky and be hard to apply evenly. We love Phytomer Hydracontinue 12 Hour Moisturizing Flash gel.  If you’re looking for a lower price point, Cetaphil works great and can be purchased at the grocery store.

Flawless Foundation1 2. Use a Primer

No one has perfectly even skin and this product fills in holes and smooths bumps, plus it feels like silk on your skin. Our hands down favorite primer is Too Faced Primed and Poreless. Let your moisturizer dry before you apply it. Primer gives your foundation something to stick to, which will make it last longer.

Flawless Foundation3 3. Find a Foundation You Love

We have used everything from Covergirl to $65/bottle foundation. After years of buying and trying, we have found one that does everything you want a foundation to do. Our favorite kind is Makeup Forever HD Makeup. Now don’t stop reading because you know this stuff is kind of pricey at $43 per bottle. It is worth the price! It will not clog your pores or make you break out. It lasts a very long time. I have applied it on dozens of different skin tones and textures and it looks great on everyone. We love finding great deals on other makeup products, but spending a little extra on foundation can go a long way. It is on your skin nearly every day, so you want a high quality product that is not causing more problems than it’s concealing. (climbing off my foundation soap box  :) )

Flawless Foundation5 4. Use Your Fingers to Apply Foundation

This is so not politically correct in the makeup world, but fingers are truly the best makeup brushes for foundation. If I am doing someone else’s makeup,  I will do the main application with a brush and then blend with my fingers. If I am doing my own makeup, I hate wasting foundation, so I just use my fingers. Actress Diane Kruger said it best, “I never understand makeup artists who only use sponges and brushes. Cosmetics need to be worked into the skin in order to look natural.” By the way, she always does her own makeup and it always looks fabulous.

Flawless Foundation6

5. Set with a Powder

I know everyone loves a dewy glow, but in order to make foundation stay on your face, you must set with a powder. I love using MAC Studio Fix or Setting Powder from Dermablend. This will ensure that your makeup does not slide off your face 5 minutes after application. I do use a brush for the setting powder and apply a light layer on my entire face.

I hope this answers a lot of your questions, but please feel free to ask away if I missed something!


5 Ways to Make Your Color Last


aubrey nelson hair done There was a time about three years ago when we both had our natural hair color… a nice dark, mousy brown color. You know when you look at old pictures and cringe… I totally do that now! Wishing I had been a little more adventurous with my hair color. A bunch of our friends tried “hair painting” several years ago and loved the results. There is only one person in Utah who does hair painting and her name is Aubrey Nelson and she is a color genius. We have trusted her with our hair ever since because she creates gorgeous color that lasts! As if that’s not enough, she is also the sweetest person with a heart of gold. We’ve been trying to find ways to make color last longer since it can be a pricey habit. So, naturally, we went to Aubrey to find out how to make our color stay longer.

1. Stop washing your hair so often. Aubrey says you should wait at least 24 hours right after you dye your hair to wash it. She also suggests trying to go at least one or two days in between washing. It may take your hair a couple of months to get used to it, so make sure you have some dry shampoo handy to get you through the greasy days!

2. Use color safe shampoo. She says this is the most important note. If you don’t use color safe, every time you wash your hair, you will strip the color. Aubrey also suggests using a clarifying shampoo sparingly during the summer if you have a tendency to get that greenish tint from chlorine.

3. Use professional oil products. Aubrey says using moroccan or argan oil on your hair can be helpful in keeping the color moisturized and vibrant. Our favorite shampoo & conditioner combo is Oil Wonders Micro-oil Shampoo & Conditioner available at Ulta.

4. Put down the heat tools. Aubrey says that straighteners and curling irons are the most damaging products on hair because of their high temperature. If possible, only use these every other day. She also suggests blow drying your hair on medium heat rather than high heat.

5. Get your hair painted rather than foiled. The method allows hair to grow in natural looking so you can go longer in between appointments. We both usually go anywhere from three to five months in between appointments without any weird grow out. You can go to Aubrey’s website to learn more about the hair painting process. She is doing a lot of traveling across the country this summer teaching workshops, so make sure you are also following her on Instagram @ilovehairpainting to see her adventures!

Are there any other tips we’re missing?

Spa Microdermabrasion vs. At Home PMD

We have been seeing PMDs all over the web lately and they sound amazing, so we decided to test them out. If you don’t know what a PMD is, it’s a Personal MicroDermabrasion tool. It promises to save money and time, while smoothing out your skin. We wanted to compare the results of a spa microdermabrasion to an at home treatment with the PMD. We went to the new Ulta location in Brickyard to get a microderm treatment from Master Esthetician Ayla. Ulta offers some of the lowest prices we have ever seen for microderm treatments, starting at $50, while the PMD costs around $150.


microderm 3 microderm 4 microderm 5 Spa Microdermabrasion

  • you feel pampered
  • does not hurt at all, feels like a tiny suction cup on your skin
  • they not only do microderm, but all kinds of moisturizing and cleansing treatments on your face
  • they know exactly how much pressure to put on your skin
  • It only costs about $50 and most people only need to do it every few months to maintain smooth skin


  • You can do it anytime, anywhere, you just need to plug it in
  • You have to watch an instructional DVD and read all instructions before you try it out
  • You have to test out a few options before you find out which setting is best for your face.
  • You have the possibility of causing serious harm to yourself if you choose an attachment that is too rough for your skin.
  • If you are familiar with microdermabrasion and not afraid to try it on yourself, it will save you money if you use it at least 3 times.

Overall, we had a great experience at Ulta. If you have dry skin that needs a little TLC, a microderm is a great treatment. After getting the treatments, makeup goes on skin a lot better and stays on longer. Microdermabrasion also gives you a nice healthy glow. After a couple of tries, we both feel comfortable using the PMD, but we feel like we need more practice to get the same results as the spa. Have you tried the PMD? What did you think?

The Brickyard Ulta location is offering a great discount on skin services through January! You can make an appointment by calling (801) 466-9129.

Gifts for Your Girlfriends + GIVEAWAY


I don’t know about you, but we are getting tired of seeing gift guides that look adorable and then you click on them and everything is over $200. We love our girlfriends, but not that much :) Ok totally joking, but we decided to round up some of our favorite products that are affordable & amazing!

Obsessed with her SKIN phytomer Phytomer: This French company has a local office in Salt Lake City. We have been trying out a few of their products for the past month and can say it has made an obvious change in our skin. We are super careful about what we use on our faces because we have sensitive, acne prone skin. These products are gentle, but still leave your skin looking and feeling so nice. Phytomer is carried in a few spas in the Salt Lake Valley: AquaVie Day Spa, The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge, The Grand Spa at Grand America. I’m also going to admit that Sam has started sharing the eye/lip moisturizing cream with me because it makes a visible difference in the softness of your skin. All products can also be purchased online via

Obsessed with Good SCENTS bronze lantern We love a good candle, but hate that you always have to have a lighter or match nearby. We recently discovered these delicious, wick less candles from Scentsationals. The perfect gift for everyone at only $20 bucks a pop!  We love their elegant designs that look more like a piece of home decor than a candle. Our two favorite scents are Vanilla Pumpkin Cream and Laundry Fresh. Yum! They make your whole house smell amazing. They are made by a local company with an outlet store in Provo! You can find it at 201 East Bay Blvd. or go to They also have special offers and discounts on their website.

Can Talk MAKEUP All Day Long ulta beauty pack

Tis the season to buy beauty products! Seriously, if you are looking for great deals on your favorite makeup or if you want to try something new, now is the time! Ulta is carrying tons of amazing holiday beauty kits that contain makeup  that usually costs double the price. The gift packs start at $10 and go up from there. They make the cutest stocking stuffer ever.

Loves HOT COCOA & Warm Sweaters macys sweater aaaaa

There is nothing cozier than sipping a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. Which is why we picked up some adorable Kate Spade mugs to go along with the cute and cozy sweaters from Macys.

Wears the Cutest CLOTHES

tai pan fashion I just recently found out that Tai Pan Trading is so much more than fabulous Christmas trees! They have an amazing clothing boutique with very affordable clothes and accessories. I’m wearing a few of my favorites in the photo above. The shirt, earrings, bag and bracelet are all Tai Pan. Here’s another secret: this exact peplum top (same brand & everything) is also at Nordstrom for double the price you can buy it at Tai Pan!!

If you would like to win a bunch of these goodies just leave a comment with your email here on the blog. Good luck!!

Boys gift guide (and giveaway) coming soon!




Three Holiday Looks

Tis the season for holiday parties, which means it’s a great time to try something new when it comes to your hair and makeup. Brooke and I are hair and makeup junkies, but we love to see how other people apply makeup  and do our hair because it’s always a little bit different. We partnered with our friends at H2Blow Dry Bar in Salt Lake City to show you three fun holiday looks. We brought my darling sister-in-law Annie to spice things up. She has gorgeous long hair, so we wanted to see what they could do with it! H2Blow Dry Bar is a genius idea for anyone that doesn’t feel like getting themselves all dolled up. We were in and out in about an hour and a half. Can I just say I wish I had someone to blow dry my hair for me everyday? They also have 4-5 makeup artists on hand to do makeup. We were also thrilled to work with makeup artist Jill Marie. She is an absolute doll and used the new makeup line Becca (exclusively carried at H2Blow) on all of our faces.

Annie – Before & After

h2b annie

Brittany – Before & After h2b britt Brooke – Before & After h2b brooke DSC_0055

This is obviously the BEFORE, but Brooke totally cheated and wore some bronzer. Annie and me are sporting our true natural beauty :) DSC_0079 DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0087 DSC_0089 DSC_0104 DSC_0112 DSC_0113 You can go in and request any hairstyle, whether it’s a braided undo or flowing waves, they can do anything! Now the fun part, we are giving away a free blow-dry and makeup session at H2Blow Dry Bar! You can book hair and makeup online 7 days a week. You can also buy the entire Becca makeup line and all hair products they use. We are crazy about the Unite Root Lifter… it’s amazing! They also book large groups, which would be so much fun for a party!

Comment here to enter to win. For more information on H2Blow Dry Bar, go HERE

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congratulations to Aura Maria Davis on the Blow Dry and Style!

Long Staying Makeup

brooke bridal 1 {pic taken by the amazing Travis J. Photography}

We have been scouring makeup counters for makeup that stays on for more than 2 hours. In preparation for Brooke’s big day TOMORROW, we want to share all of our favorites that we have found. They have made a significant difference in not only how our makeup looks, but how long it stays on our faces!

makeup 1

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer: We actually mix this super soft formula with our foundation and it creates a perfect texture. This makes a huge difference for how your entire face absorbs makeup and gives it a much smoother finish. makeup 2

Tarte Cream Blush in Fearless: The perfect pop of pink. We’ve always been scared to use cream blush, but once Vivian used this makeup on Brooke for her bridals, we knew we had to have it. Instead of adding a matte pink pop to the cheeks like powder blushes do, this one adds a natural looking flush. makeup 3

Anastasia Pro Pencil: This is a game changer in the makeup world. This tiny pencil has SO many uses! We use it for under eye concealer, eyebrow definer, and overall face perfector. You can apply it anywhere you want a little highlight. Extremely easy to use and just brightens up the face overall. makeup 4

Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray: This is like hairspray for your face (minus the stickiness). It is amazing and makes your makeup stay in place. We noticed when we used it our makeup stayed looking pretty perfect for about 8 hours! That is a long time! It also is super refreshing and feels great when you spray it on your face, but leaves no kind of residue.

We got all of the products at ULTA because it is just too darn convenient with how many new locations they have in the Salt Lake valley. Well we are off to do some last minute prep for the wedding tomorrow! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all of the fun pictures from the big day :)

No Light Needed Gel Nail Polish

nail polish 2{picture found here}

Britt and I have bragged about Red Carpet Manicure for a couple of years now. It is long lasting, has cute colors, and you can do it at home. However, we may have found a replacement! Sally Hansen released a new gel nail polish that you apply just like old school polish. No base coat, top coat, sealant, etc. And here is the major difference… a Red Carpet Manicure kit is around $50.00 while the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is only $7.99! You can get the Sally Hansen polish at most grocery and drugstores. Of course, Red Carpet is more long lasting but the Miracle Gel lasts a lot longer than average polish. The best part of our Sally Hansen discovery is that it can be removed with regular nail polish remover, which means way less damage to your nails!

product2 VERSUS


Best Fake Tanning Products

Most of you know Brooke and I love a great faux glow. Our favorite is usually a personalized spray tan, but those can be pricey so we save them for special occasions. With all of Brooke’s wedding festivities happening (wedding showers, engagement photos, etc.) we wanted to find something she could use at home whenever she needed. We finally found three products that have great results and great SMELLS without the high price!
ulta bronze 1


This is literally a spray tan in a can, but you can use it dozens of times instead of just once. The light liquid spray easily rubs into skin and stays on SO well! Even if you shower, it will stay on your skin for 3-4 days. We loved the warm color it added and most importantly, the lack of smell it has. At less than ten bucks, it is definitely a must have!

ulta bronze 2


This is for those mornings when you forgot to put on sunless tanner the night before and you need INSTANT results. It is like a nice warm bronze concealer for your arms and legs. It does go on matte, but you can easily see where you are applying it because of the dark, instant color. I’m a huge fan and even used this on my face and loved the results. It is a little more on the pricey side, but a little bit goes a long way and this should last you dozens of uses. The best part of this one is the scent, it is so subtle and does not even smell like a fake tanner.

ulta bronze 3


This stuff is unlike anything we had ever seen before. It goes on your skin in a shiny liquid form and then dries in about two seconds. If you’re wondering how celebrities get those tan, shiny legs, this is how! This stuff is very easy to apply because you can see exactly where you are putting it. It also is very moisturizing because of all of the natural oils in it, but it does not end up looking greasy. We loved the scent of this one, it is really natural and light.

So there you have it! How to get a fake tan three different ways. We got all three of these products from Ulta. You can click on any of them for a direct link to buy them on Have you tried them? What is your favorite fake tanner?

Twin Tested: Laser Hair Removal

photo 3

Like all girls, we hate shaving our legs. Britt and I decided to put laser hair removal to the test to see if it actually works. Britt tried the low end version while I went to a cosmetic surgeon for treatments. My results are AMAZING! Britt, not so much.

She picked up the “As Seen on TV” laser tool for $10 at Walmart. It is actually quite comical when you open it up. It looks more like a laser pointer than a hair removal tool and it is just about as effective as a laser pointer. She did not see any hair loss and therefore said it is 0% effective.

I went to Portica, owned by Dr. Jennifer Allen. First off, she is the most stunning, sweet, and personable doctor on the planet. You can tell she wants to deliver great results. I met her after coaching her adorable daughter on a running team. I went in for 6 treatments on my lower legs and am so happy with the result. I shave about once a week now and the hair is very fine and soft. You can always get more treatments depending on the result you are after. As you can see in the video Dr. Allen knows her stuff and explains why it is important to get laser hair removal at a professional office instead of at home. I would highly recommend her to everyone!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 4 Now to answer some common questions:
-Does it hurt? Not if you go to someone licensed that knows what they are doing. They use cooling gel or air to keep pain at bay.
-Who is eligible? Anyone can get laser hair removal. It is most effective on people that have darker hair and lighter skin.
-Is it expensive? When you add together the cost of all those shavers and shaving cream over the years (plus the headache of shaving in the shower) it really balances out.

Portica is located in Foothill Village.

1400 S. Foothill Dr., Ste 101
Salt Lake City, Utah


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