Twin Tested: How to Look Good in Photos

We all want better photos of ourselves, right? Britt and I know next to nothing about photography so we decided to call up one of our favorite pros for some tips. If you are in SLC you have most likely heard of Jessica Janae Photograhy. Jessica is a super talented photographer that has a way of making everyone look their very best. She layed out six guidelines for taking a good picture, these include in front of the camera and behind. Britt and I volunteered as her good example/bad example in the pics below so that you can see the contrast. Shout out to Britt for looking super awkward in most of these and taking one for the team :)

Watch the segment for more tips from Jess!


1. flattering face pose: As girls it seems like we all get a weird urge to tilt our heads once a camera is in front of us. In the pics below you can see how much better (and normal) it looks to be straight up and down. Resist the tilt! Jess also recommends keeping your chin down.


2. flattering full body pose: Thanks to Jessica having tons of experience shooting fashion she was able to teach us some flattering new poses. Who knew that popping your hip forward makes your whole body look bigger? Jessica said the foot crossover is the ultimate universal pose that everyone looks good doing.



3. rule of thirds: We had no idea how this worked, but it is amazing to see the difference the rule of thirds composition makes in a photo. Next time you are snapping something for Instagram try to follow this rule! Jess even put some lines on her pics below to show how to align your photos.





4. switch up the light: Jessica has a GORGEOUS downtown studio with amazing light as you can see in these pics. However, if you aren’t so lucky try to create an atmosphere of natural light that is not too harsh.


5. movement: Jessica encourages moving in most photos. In this one, she just had Britt pose with her arms folded and you can see how different it looks. It felt a little awkard in the beginning to be twirling around but I love the end result. I also think it is human nature to be more relaxed when we are doing something instead of staring straight into the camera.




6. different angles: Try to move around while taking a photo. Jessica is not scared to lay on the ground or squat to get the right look. Give it a try and see all the different perspectives you can come up with!


We had so much fun at her studio – we wish we could hang out there every day. Jessica truly creates beautiful work and we are so glad she was able to sharpen up our photo skills. Make sure you check out her site!

Twin Tested: What is the best blow dryer?

goody blow dryer test pic

It is kind of ridiculous that we are 25 and just barely deciding to test out blow dryers. For years we have been using the $25 variety that is found at the grocery store. Recently both of us have noticed split ends, fly aways, and hair breakage. After asking our smooth hair friends what their secret was they all claimed to use a quality salon-style dryer. If the price tag seems a little much just remember that you are paying for the lifetime of the blowdryer. The cheaper ones will last a year or two, the more expensive ones usually have a 5 year warranty.

So, here is the best expensive dryer we have tried:


T3 Featherweight 2 you can buy it online or at Sephora stores. It is $200 (they have a few different varieties, but this is the one we liked best)


And… if you just can’t stomach spending that much money on a hair tool, the closest thing we found in a lower price range is the Goody Heat Wave blow dryer.

It is ionic and has a powerful AC motor, which is one of the most important things to look for. This blowdryer is available online for anywhere between $20-$35. Unlike most other cheap blow dryers, this one has never turned off mid blow dry from getting too hot or wearing out the motor. It’s a great blow dryer to start with. If you can’t find it online, this one is very similar.

Regardless of the blow dryer you choose, here are 3 things you should look for in a blow dryer:

1. An AC motor: this is a much stronger motor and will last much longer than a DC motor.

2. Ionic Technology: this creates a way for the hair to dry faster with less damage.

3. Wattage: Hair dryers with 1875 watts or higher is what you want to get. They are powerful.

Happy hair drying! Hope this helps you cut the time spent in front of the mirror :)



Twin Tested: Color Changing Lipstick

Color changing lipstick is the latest trend to hit the beauty market. The products are blowing up in Asia right now so we decided to give them a try. We bought 6 tubes of lipstick for $8.00 from! You can buy them HERE.

It has a chemical called Red 27 that reacts the pH balance and temperature of the wearer’s lips, so it literally looks different on everyone! We have seen everything from pale pink to burgundy.

We say give it a try!

Watch the segment HERE



Twin Tested: Steal or Splurge Makeup

So, here’s a confession: we are makeup hoarders.

Literally, we love the stuff and have drawers and drawers of it.
Lucky for you, that means we have tried tons of different products and our sharing our favorites.
Here are our Steal or Splurge makeup picks:
Steal: Wet’n’Wild Black Mega Eyes Gel Eyeliner $3.99
This stuff is amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! It is easier to apply than liquid liner and doesn’t look as harsh. It also stays on better than any other kind of liner we have tried.
This Wet’n’Wild option works just as well as the expensive brands we have tried.
We have been told by countless makeup artists to use gel pots.
An added bonus: it comes with a brush.

Splurge: Mally Evercolor Silk Eye Defining System (comes with shadow and brush)
This is our favorite brand in the pricier range, although it is actually quite a bargain because you get an eyeshadow and an applicator, along with the gel pot. The pot of gel is also a bit larger than any of the others we tried, which is great because it lasts longer.
Steal: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara $3.99
The first mascara brand we ever wore and still one of our favorites.
You know exactly what you get in the pink and green tube and it works great.
Splurge: Dior Show Mascara $24.99
This mascara is pricey, but it’s awesome! It has a thick brush that does a great job coating each lash without ever making them look clumpy.
If you want a new fancy mascara, this is our pick!
Steal: Wet’n’Wild 907C Mauve Outta Here $1.00
This is by far the most asked makeup question we get… what lipstick is that?
Most people are shocked to hear it’s a drugstore tube that costs 99 cents!
This stuff stays on so well and gives your lips a great matte color.
Safe to say it’s our favorite lipstick of all time.
Splurge: Nars Lipstick Semi Matte Lipstick: Funny Face $26.00
This lipstick is a pretty penny, and really is not any better than the Wet’n’Wild option.
Our advice: only spend the big bucks if you can tell a difference!
Steal: Wet N’ Wild Color Icon – Ticket to Brazil $4.99
We try to avoid shimmer in our bronzers because it can come off looking a little cakey.
This cheaper option has all the color you want without the shimmer, unlike Sephora’s option.
It even has SPF 15 mixed in!
Splurge: Sephora Microsmooth Bronzer $19.99
A much smaller option… with half shimmer half matte.
Tell us about some of your favorite Beauty Steals!

Mother’s Day Makeover

We decided to do something a little different for our latest makeover… we ambushed our own mom!
We were so excited to surprise her.
She was shocked when we showed up with a camera man while she was working in the garden… it was priceless!


 She was absolutely horrified that we caught her in this outfit, it’s her “gardening get-up”.
We took her to Life Spa at Lifetime Fitness in South Jordan. 
She started her transformation with an amazing facial.
 Then, it was into the salon for some hair dye and makeup…
 The girls at Life Spa did such a great job keeping things natural, but also enhancing our Mom’s natural beauty. 
She loved the gorgeous makeup they did.
Her takeaway tip: eyebrows are the most important feature of your face!
 Va va voom! She looks so beautiful! 
Her entire outfit is from H&M at City Creek.
We loved pampering our mom and giving her a fun new look.
Happy Mother’s Day!

*A big huge thank you to Life Spa for pampering our cute mom and making her feel gorgeous.

Twin Tested: Beauty Organizing

I was going to post a photo of my bathroom counter, but it was too humiliating, so just know that there was way too much stuff on there.

We love makeup + hair products, so decided it was time to organize!
Here are some of our favorite products.
This cool thing is a holder for hot hair tools. So instead of leaving it on the counter to cool, you can put it inside your cabinet right when you are finished.

One huge thing Utah is missing out on is the Container Store.
If you even have the slightest urge to organize your home, it literally has everything you could ever need.
One of our favorite products are the magna pods.
They are magnetic little cosmetic containers that you can place on anything that is magnetized.
The Baggalini is perfect for travel! You can put your hot curling iron in it and pack it right up, knowing it won’t burn anything in your suitcase.
These are such a chic and easy way to organize lipstick and other small cosmetics.
Not only does it keep everything in place, but since it is clear you can see all of the colors easily.
 You can watch the segment HERE.
Happy Organizing!

Best White Elephants Ever

We decided to have a little fun today giving the KUTV 2News This Morning team some of our favorite white elephant gifts!
You can watch the segment HERE.
1. A snuggie for Holly Menino, to keep her warm since she is new to Utah. 
2. The Mr.Winkles book! Hours of entertainment…
4. Beard Hat! They just never get old…
5. Hot Booties, you can purchase online here or at Bed Bath & Beyond
Needless to say, we LOVE white elephant gifts!

Twin Tested: Weird Beauty Products

We wanted to show off some of the latest beauty products and tell you if they are a “go” or a “no”. Warning: Some of these are pretty weird
All of the products were purchased at Sally Beauty Supply and Sephora.
Watch the segment HERE
First off, we decided to try out the caviar manicure.
It is all over Pinterest and sounded easy enough to do.
We got an $18 kit from Sephora and got to it…
Overall, it was a huge disappointment.
The beads came off after 5 minutes and it ended up looking like a bumpy mess.
Caviar Manicure: NO

This is right after I finished the manicure….

This is less than 12 hours later!

Next up we tried the aromatherapy roller balls.
 As you can see they are supposed to “uplift”, “calm”, “sleep”, “will power”.
We thought they just smelled like cleaning products – in a bad way.
They are way too potent and the only thing they made us want to do is sneeze.
Aromatherapy Rollerballs: NO

Next up we wanted to try out lip crayons.
Tarte is a great brand that we have liked in the past so we gave it a try.
These were really great and have pretty colors.
Sephora has this 5 piece kit on sale right now!
Lip Crayons: GO

Up next, we were interested in trying out stick-on eyeliner.
These come in a variety of colors and shapes.
They looked a little too costumey at first but can be trimmed down to your taste.
They are fun for a costume or night out.
Stick-on Eyeliner: MAYBE 

Clip-In Bangs
So many people have had great things to say about these we wanted to give them a shot.
Considering ours were the wrong color and not trimmed up they looked pretty goofy.
We would not recommend wearing these on a day to day basis.
Clip-In Bangs: NO
And just for good measure here is a shot of Mary Nickles and our EP Don Kauffman showing them off. So we want to know…. Who wore it better?

Pretty in Pink

We had so much fun!
The ladies from the I’m Beautiful Salon are really something else.
“Pretty in Pink” was a fun filled night of music, fashion, and food to raise money for cancer research.
Megan Kemp, who has stage 4 cancer had a life long wish of designing a runway show,
 and on Friday night she got to do just that!
It was so inspiring to be with such positive people.  
Watch the segment HERE

I called my look the “Chic Mohawk”
I called Britt’s ‘do The  Claw (Lady Gaga has nothing on her!)
We were lucky enough to be styled in Ann Taylor, one of our absolute favorites!
I got a little too attached to my pleather paneled pants and Britt loved her zippered cardigan. 
Here is just a peek at some of the amazing styles…

Twin Tested: Summer Beauty

 Happy Monday morning! We all have those days where we press snooze a few too many times and run out the door half-ready. Or, if you are me and Brooke, you just show up to work wearing the same necklace :) We found a couple of our favorite high end beauty buys for a fraction of the price at the drugstore.
Click here to watch the segment.
First on the list, leg tanning spray.

 Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs $14 (available at drugstores) and 
St. Tropez Perfect Legs Spray $20 (available at Sephora)
We liked Sally Hansen the best. It is like using spray paint on your legs because you can see the color instantly. Just a tip, make sure the color is not too dark!
Next, we tried BB Cream. 
BB Creams are the newest beauty trend; they are like a higher quality, better working tinted moisturizer. 
We compared Garnier Skin Renew to our old tried and true Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. 
We are happy to report that Garnier works even better than Laura Mercier!
Garnier Skin Renew $15 (drugstore) or
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer $25 (Sephora)
 Next, Lip Stain/Balm
Revlon Just Bitten $5 (available at drugstore) or 
Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm $25 (Sephora)
This is the one product we say go for the splurge! 
The Revlon kind dried up in a few days and was much lower quality.
Hope these help brighten your beauty routine!
Of course we showed up wearing the same necklace :)

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