Observations of service

IMG_4895 IMG_4884 IMG_4890 IMG_4897 A random act of kindess usually entails anonymity. However, I was asked to participate in the #lighttheworld challenge and agreed to share my experience. My specific assignment was to do an act of service that lines up with the scripture “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat.” (Day 21). As I was thinking of a service project to do my mother-in-law immediately came to mind. She volunteers weekly at the Youth Detention Center and often feeds homeless youth downtown. I asked her if we could set aside a night to serve dinner to at-risk and homeless youth downtown during the month of December. She agreed and prepared a hot meal made up of delicious orange chicken, rice, green salad, rolls, and gingerbread cookies. I should also mention that she made enough for 50 PEOPLE all by herself. This is not her first rodeo and she did it all without breaking a sweat. She has fed this specific group at the Volunteers of America Resource Center many times and was able to lead our group through the necessary steps. I want to share a few of my observations throughout the night. But before I do, here is a little background about the center. They offer emergency shelter beds, 24/7 assistance, 3 meals a day, and free legal services to 15 to 22 year olds in the community. Overall they are able to help around 800 at-risk teens every year. The facility is clean, tidy, and provides the kids with a safe, warm place to stay.

A few observations:

  • As we unpacked the dinner in their kitchen I found myself wondering what it would be like to have to rely on strangers for your next meal.
  • As an angsty teenager I was allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven by loving parents. Where were these kids’ parents? Did they know where they were or what they were going through?
  • These kids were once babies, just like my little Lila, that depend on parents to nurture and help them. I need to take my role as mother seriously and make the most of my opportunities to teach Lila what matters most.
  • These kids are fighters who are battling the world on their own and doing the best they can.
  • These kids are brave and polite. The vast majority offered thanks for their warm meal and polite small talk.
  • My breath caught in my throat when I asked one of the teenage girls how old her pretty baby girl was that she was lugging along in her car seat and she responded “3 months”, the exact same age as my Lila. This little baby did not have grandparents, aunts, and uncles doting on her every move and smile. Why was I so lucky to have a loving support system in my life? Do I take it for granted sometimes?
  • My attempts at eye contact and small talk felt very inconsequential to these kids that are facing unthinkable troubles in their lives. But at the very least I wanted to treat them with dignity and respect.
  • I hope they know that each of them matter.
  • God loves us all the same. No matter if you are rich or poor. I think of what Pres. Uchtdorf said in the Christmas devotional. There is no shame in being poor. Remember that the Savior of the World was born in a stable and laid in a manger “because there was no room for [Him] in the inn.”5
He went on to say, “Even if all we have is a handful of crumbs, we gladly share them with those in emotional, spiritual, or temporal need as an expression of our gratitude for the divine feast God has prepared for us.”
So December 21st is the day to “feed the hungry”, lets all find a way to participate big or small and light the world!

A few things that are helping me survive the “4th Trimester”


Newborn_Brooke-60 Newborn_Brooke-43 Newborn_Brooke-56 Newborn_Brooke-23 Newborn_Brooke-85
{newborn photos by the wonderful Meg Turley}

First things first, I just have to say being a mom is the best! I feel so lucky to have sweet Lila here and every day gets more fun as she continues to grow and change. And obviously nothing beats baby snuggles all day long. That being said, the “4th Trimester” is very real and has been an interesting process. Women’s bodies are incredibly resilient, but there are definitely some things that have made a world of difference that I wanted to share with you.

  • Grandmas: Lucky for us both Lila’s grandmas live within 5 minutes. That means they visit often – especially after sleepless nights. Aside from holding and loving Lila they have offered much needed encouragement through these first few weeks of her life. I truly don’t think I would have made it through the first two weeks without them.
  • A husband that is your equal partner in parenting. Parker wakes up at night with Lila just as much as I do (we switch off every other night), he changes diapers, knows how to give her a bath without having her squirm out of his arms, and sings her to sleep.  He has kept his same calm demeanor throughout everything which has definitely been a blessing since this momma’s hormones went a little bonkers those first couple of weeks.(cue the tears) Suffice it to say I am so grateful for Parker.
  • A baby wrap. I spent the first 3 weeks trying to do everything with one hand because the little lady demands that she is held at all times. Bless the heavens above for baby wraps! She fits into it snug as a bug and I have both of my hands back so I can at least brush my teeth! Parker even wore her in it this week while he aerated our lawn! #bestdad
  • A stroller. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Just something that can get you both outside for some fresh air. This has been so important for my mental health during this process. Those good vibes get flowing when you have some sunshine on your face and wind in your hair.
  • Minky Couture Baby Blanket. Now that the temps are dropping I am always worried that baby girl is cold. I take this blanket on all of our outings because it is small enough to wrap around her in the car seat or to have in the diaper bag just in case. And we all know that nothing tops the softness of a Minky!
  • Caring friends. I cannot even count how many kind friends have stopped by with dinner, a treat, or flowers. The visits have buoyed us up on some bleery eyed, exhausted days. They have made me want to be a better friend and neighbor. And yes, I cry just thinking about all of them and how much love we have felt.
  • The Boppy makes middle of the night feedings much more manageable thanks to the support it gives to you and baby. This is the one that I have. I also feel like it helps with back support and posture. My husband also uses it for middle of the night bottle feedings and gives it two thumbs up.
  • Lanolin for the nips and lips! I love the nipple cream but this lip gloss is seriously the bomb. Both heal dry, cracked skin super fast.
  • Belly Bandit products. I faithfully wore my wrap the first couple of weeks after delivery and it definitely made my body feel put back together again by holding everything in. It is a great precursor to a corset because it has a velcro closure which helps when your body is drastically changing in size those first few days and it is so easy to put on. I also highly recommend their shirts and dresses that are made of the most buttery soft fabric. This is the shirt I wore home from the hospital and bonus -it’s nursing friendly!
  • Bellefit corset. After the first few weeks I transitioned to the corset which is a total confidence booster! It helps you get back into your old clothes and have a defined waist again. This is my favorite one. I can honestly say I plan to wear it faithfully for the next six months because I love it so much.

I have so much respect for all of the parents out there! I am all for products that make it easier to take care of your little ones. If you have any recommendations let me know so we can all help each other!


Introducing Hazel Goldy Haslam

HazelBabyPic Our baby girl is finally here! She was born on August 27 at 4:53 AM. I went into the hospital on Saturday, August 26 (which was the day after my due date) because I was not feeling her move. I figured I would get sent home so Sam and I both went in gym clothes. Well after 90 minutes of monitoring, the doctors and nurses told me I was going to have the baby that day. All plans of being freshly showered and looking decent were happily thrown out the window. After being in labor for about 14 hours, she made her grand entrance. There are no words to describe the moment when Sam and I got to see her for the first time. It was so special. She weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. and has continued gaining weight since then and is nearly ten pounds! We never imagined we could love something so tiny so much. So far, the large majority of people think she looks like Sam and I have to agree. We stare at her all day long and can’t imagine life without her.

7999_0007_### Newborn_Haslam-3 Newborn_Haslam-8 Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 4.57.44 PM Newborn_Haslam-12 Newborn_Haslam-20 Newborn_Haslam-22 Newborn_Haslam-27 Newborn_Haslam-29 Newborn_Haslam-30 Newborn_Haslam-40 Newborn_Haslam-45 Newborn_Haslam-54 Newborn_Haslam-60

A few things that are helping us survive the 3rd trimester

3rd trimester The third trimester of pregnancy is no joke – shout out to all the mamas out there that go through it without complaining! With only a few weeks to go, we are both battling swollen feet, sleepless nights, and moments of pure exhaustion. However, in the midst of all this, we are loving seeing family and friends at baby showers, prepping our nurseries, and getting ready to meet these little humans! Here are a few things that are making us feel happy right now:

  • MAC Concealer: Pregnancy has been a bit of a curve ball when it comes to my complexion. Thankfully this concealer is a WINNER! It is not greasy and stays put all day long. The very best part is that it is now carried at Ulta which is nice and convenient since there is one just down the street from my house. You can find it here.
  • Homemade Ice Cream: Instead of a birthday cake I requested homemade chocolate marshmallow ice cream from my mom. She has an ice cream maker that is old school, at least 30 years old, and makes THE CREAMIEST ice cream! Here is the recipe she uses.
  • DryBar Flexible Hold Hairspray: Now that I am moving into mom territory I anticipate not having too much free time to do my hair in the beginning. This stuff keeps my curls looking good for multiple days in a row. Plus, it totally doubles as a perfume in my book because it smells really good. You can find it here.
  • An everything bag that fits all my stuff: Rosemary Card, of QNOOR, gifted me this gorgeous leather bag for the baby and I immediately fell in love. The leather is really supple and the gorgeous caramel neutral color works with everything. Quite possibly the prettiest diaper bag of all time!
  • Tassel Earrings: it’s only fun to shop for three things right now – sunglasses, earrings and makeup – because they are the only things that still fit! I got bright purple tassel earrings from JCrew and have been wearing them probably a little too often, but it’s because they make it look like I sort of tried when paired with any outfit. Here are some that are similar.

The countdown is on! Here’s to a few more weeks of waddling :)

Britt & Sam Maternity Photos

Sam and I were hesitant to get maternity photos taken just because it seemed kind of indulgent to take them before the baby is here, but now we are so glad we did. Although I feel the least glamorous I ever have, I’m sure I will look back and be happy to remember this time of life. In more exciting news, only one month until we get to meet this baby girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session with Meg Turley.  Maternity_Haslam-6 Maternity_Haslam-28 Maternity_Haslam-8 Maternity_Haslam-9 Maternity_Haslam-11 Maternity_Haslam-14 Maternity_Haslam-15 Maternity_Haslam-34

5 things learned in 5 years of marriage

wedding bs
Celebrating 5 years of marriage is a big deal! Ok not that big of a deal when I consider my parents have been married for 35 and my grandparents were all married for more than 50. We’ve got a long way to go, but we have learned a lot these past few years. Sam and I have been together for nearly a decade – we met in high school and started dating in college. I’ve grown so much since we got married. I thought it would be nice to share a few things I’ve learned. Read on if you would like!

  1. Try and do one kind thing every day. This sounds simple and it really, really is. Trying to be a perfect wife is overwhelming and frankly impossible, so I try to do this instead. It’s as easy as it sounds, I pick something each day that I think would make Sam happy and I do it. These are ridiculous things like making the bed, making a Costco run, or making evening plans I know he will enjoy. He is WAY better at this than I am and has taught me what it really means to be thoughtful.
  2. Celebrate the small stuff. I notice we get little happy bursts when we celebrate small accomplishments or events. Whether someone got a raise or a really great golf score, we try to celebrate.
  3. You can’t say I love you too much. I never tire of hearing it. I think it’s so important to let Sam know I love him every single day and he does the same for me.
  4. Marry the guy that will do all of the jobs you don’t want to. This sounds terrible, but it’s true. Sam is much more responsible than I am. He keeps our finances in check because I hate dealing with numbers (hello journalism degree!), he keeps our yard looking nice and always does the dishes and takes out the garbage because he knows I hate those chores. He never complains about doing any of these things and I think we balance each other out quite nicely, even if my only addition is the fact that I’m kind of good at baking :)
  5. Enjoy every stage. Our relationship now is much different than it was five years ago. We are a bit more grounded, but also much more deeply in love. We’ve gone through lots of stages – The Honeymoon Stage – The College Graduation/Searching for Real Life Jobs Stage – The New Homeowner Stage – and now, the Pre-baby Stage! All of them have been so fun to experience together. It’s crazy to think I’m now having a baby with the boy I’ve loved since I was 19. I feel so lucky to experience life with Sam and I think this next stage of parenthood will quite possibly be the best one yet!

Before and After pics from Brooke’s living room makeover!

IMG_4617 (1) flooringprogressshot IMG_3099 IMG_3139 IMG_3292

Parker has been hard at work over the last few months working on some of our bigger house projects. We have now officially lived in our house for one year and it has gone by so fast! The home was built in the 1950’s and definitely needed some TLC. When we first walked through the house we made a mental list of big projects that we wanted to do and the fireplace was near the top of the list. We knew that the outdated red painted brick had to go! Along with the wallpaper. I am so happy that the previous owner only did a statement wall in wallpaper because that stuff is so stubborn and takes forever to get off. (Many thanks to my mom and brother for helping me peel it off piece by piece!) It has been a long process to do the fireplace and the rest of the living room flooring and walls but I am so happy with how it turned out! Here are just a few of the things that were done during the process:

  • wallpaper removed and wall painted gray
  • brown carpet removed and wood flooring put in
  • old baseboards taken out and new ones put in and painted
  • demo of the fireplace and rebuilding the entire wall and shape of the space with cement and drywall
  • building the actual wood mantel and painting it white
  • tiling the surround with Carrera marble

We are still working on a few furniture and art pieces for the walls but I love how it turned out! The most amazing part of the transformation is that Parker did it without a blueprint or plan! He knew what he wanted it to look like and made it happen which is something I really admire. Some advice I have if you are thinking of doing a living room remodel:

  • Be patient: every house project takes 2-3 times longer than you expect and there will always be unexpected bumps along the way.
  • Test multiple paint colors in various areas of the room. I am so glad we did this. Also, do not be scared to have them specially mix two different colors together so that you can get the perfect shade – it is free!
  • Decorate slowly with furniture, art, and accessories. It is really hard to know what things will look like in a space before it is finished.

Happy remodeling! Now we are moving on to start working on the nursery. 3 months to go, updates to come!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mothers day gift ideas 2017

We had fun putting together this gift guide filled with things we are loving right now!

  • Katie Waltman necklace: Local Salt Lake City jewelry designer. Affordable pieces that support local!
  • Robert Matthew bag: A great Mary Poppins bag that can contain everything a mother needs on a daily basis.
  • Blue Lily Candles: Handmade in East Millcreek these candles smell divine and are one of a kind.
  • Slipper Socks: At $1.99 these slipper socks are a STEAL and so cozy! You can find them on ulta.com or at your local Ulta Beauty store. They also have incredible aloe vera socks that leave your feet feeling silky smooth.
  • Pastel Hue Wallet: These wallets are both affordable and adorable. The best part is they come FREE inside a matching purse when you buy a fragrance over $75 from Ulta. So buy mom some perfume and get yourself a new bag and wallet!



Pregnancy Survival Guide {first half}

eden eats for two

{photo via @edeneats my fave pregnant lady/food lover to follow on Instagram}

Both Brooke and I have learned a lot in the first half of our pregnancies. Surprisingly enough, they have been very different. I had pretty bad morning sickness for the first trimester, while Brooke felt good for the most part. We thought it would be fun to put together a list of things that helped us survive so far.


Trader Joe’s Ginger EVERYTHING

  • They have ginger mints, ginger snaps, ginger thins, ginger ale, etc. All of them are helpful in calming queasy stomachs. Having never been a huge fan of drinking ginger ale before pregnancy, it was the one thing that tasted good and settled my stomach. I’ve had friends say La Croix has a similar effect!  triple ginger snaps

Vitamin B6

  • I started taking these vitamins after my doctor recommended them for my nausea and throwing up. It really seemed to help and I could tell a difference when I missed a day.

Overall, both of us were very lucky when it came to feeling sick. We know there are women who have it SO much worse. We were also so grateful to both feel good towards the beginning of the 2nd trimester.



This has been one of the toughest parts of pregnancy. Both Brooke and I have noticed major changes in our skin – more oily and a lot more breakouts while pregnant. This is probably due to the fact that both of us had been taking either birth control pills or other medication to deal with acne. In pregnancy, you really can’t do much to help with skin issues. It also isn’t helpful when there is a camera getting close-ups of your face every day :) This has made skincare an even bigger priority. We have had to find things that are very gentle, but still cleanse the skin. We have stuck to the brands that our dermatologist suggests – mostly Cetaphil products. I have also used Phytoceane cleansers that are super gentle and smell amazing. Good to remember this part won’t last forever!

phytoceane cleanser


Thank heavens for makeup! We’ve said it before and we will say it again. When you are not feeling pretty, a little makeup can go a long way. The only big makeup change we’ve made is to use less oil based makeup and more powders. Our favorite new finishing powder is Too Faced Primed & Poreless – it just gives your face a nice matte (but not too matte) finish.

Lash Extensions

I think every pregnant woman should try these. When nothing else is working out, you can still have great lashes! Not only do they save time, but they make me feel good even if I have no makeup on. I’ve been getting mine done by Melissa at Salon Lydia for a long time. I can easily go 5-6 weeks in between fills, so it is a very worthwhile splurge in my life.


It’s normal to sit in front of your closet and cry after you break the zipper on your favorite skirt because it no longer fits, right? Well, I sure hope so! Ha. My changing body has been very humbling. I can no longer fit into most of my clothes that I love and it’s kind of sad. BUT! Then I remember that it’s because I’m growing a beautiful human being and my stomach is supposed to be getting bigger, so things are exactly as they should be. All of that being said, there are a few pieces of clothing that I would highly recommend.

H&M Maternity Pants Why fight the zipper anymore? I can’t find the ones I have online, but these are similar.

Why fight the zipper anymore? I can’t find the ones I have online, but these are similar. The plain black ones are game changers. So comfortable and they look like real pants, while they feel like you are wearing pajama leggings. I wear them a few times a week.

Pink Blush Dresses

This dress company is great at making dresses that flatter and fit a pregnant body. My personal favorite and most worn item is this super comfy Black Hi Low Midi Dress. 

black hi low midi dress


Get a humidifier! One of the odd side effects of pregnancy is feeling extra congested (at least for me). My mom recommended getting a humidifier and I don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner. Having the humidifier on while I sleep has made a big difference in feeling like I can breathe easier.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge $13 it’s the perfect size to sleep with in between your legs or underneath one side.

pregnancy wedge

Body Pillow although it feels like there is a third person in bed, it’s worth it! So comfy.


Oh wow. They are up and down and up and down and I started crying when Sam asked me if I wanted a milkshake :) I think one of the things that helped me the most is to actually stop researching and reading. I have found it just stresses me out and I end up feeling overwhelmed. I normally love to read, but when it comes to maternity and pregnancy books, I have decided to set them aside for the next little while. Right now I am trying to enjoy these moments as a family of two before everything changes.

Thank you for all of the kind words and advice. I would love to hear what helped you survive the second half of your pregnancy! Any tips and tricks?


Brooke needs help decorating her nursery!

I have been looking at different nurseries on Pinterest for months and I cannot decide on ANYTHING! Here are the items I think that I want to include in our nursery:

  • one accent wall with wallpaper – leaning towards a floral pattern but I’m a little worried I might get sick of it?
  • a cute white crib (suggestions? friends tell me they love theirs from Ikea)
  • a comfortable glider with ottoman that Parker can easily fit in. He’s 6’4″ :)
  • dresser/changing table in one
  • soft, pretty rug

That is it! Below I have posted a few photos that I really love from Pinterest. I want to know what you guys loved having in your nurseries and what I should skip. Is there a certain brand that is better than another? Help a pregnant girl out!






Please send me your suggestions!


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