Life as a Viral Sensation

To say that the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind is a major understatement. I have been pulled in a million different directions talking to media around the world. I never knew passing out during a live shot would bring me so many interesting opportunities! I have received thousands of thoughtful messages from  people as far away as India, New Zealand, Norway and England. This home grown girl from Utah is definitely feeling the love.

Here are a few photos to give you a peek into my life since my fainting video went viral.

photo 1 (6)

This was my crazy set-up for Entertainment Tonight with Nancy O’Dell. I had to communicate with Nancy over a speaker phone while still looking into the camera ahead of me. It was a doozy :) I have always loved watching Nancy and it was fun to chat with her and see her own bloopers from her local news days! You can watch the interview HERE starting at 16:12.

photo 3 (8)

I was thrilled to get a call from CNN. Being a newsie I have always admired their on-air product and was excited to see how things work behind-the-scenes. They treated me like a princess! They sent a driver in a town car to pick me up from my house (!!). Then I was taken to their studio downtown where a stylist was waiting for me to do my hair and makeup. It was glorious! The anchors from New Day were so great and probably my favorite interview that I have done. You can watch it HERE.

photo 2 (6)

For my interview with CBS This Morning a photographer came to my house. It was nice to be relaxed in my own space. I thought they did a nice piece on the whole incident and were very kind with their comments. A shout out from Oprah’s BFF Gayle King is always a fun surprise! You can watch the interview HERE.

photo 2

This is a photo of me during my interview with Australia. My face looks a little confused because there were 3 anchors talking in my ear at the same time with Aussie accents! I loved hearing from them and they were so funny. There was a 3 second delay since Australia is a little far away, but overall the interview was really fun. You can watch it HERE.

photo 3 (7) Last but not least, I got to talk to a scout troop about being in the media. I wasn’t sure how interested 8 year old boys would be in a girl, but they were an excellent crowd! I was asked to be the guest speaker for their media night and my topic was having a positive attitude in middle of a mishap. (surprise!) It was so fun to hear their questions and remember what it was like to be a kid.

Overall, this experience has been really eye opening. My hope is renewed in society. I have been inundated with sweet emails, phone calls, and messages from complete strangers. The world is a great place. Who knows what will come next! Thank you for all your support.

Here are a few of my favorite articles and mashup videos:

Time Magazine

Huffington Post

Today Show


Youtube Mashup & A Rap Mashup

Death and Taxes 








We are so thankful for the incredible year that it has been.
Here are just a few of the particulars:
Family that loves and supports us in everything we do. They are simply the best.
Friends that are hilarious, talented, inspiring and so loyal.
Jobs that we truly enjoy.
The fact that booties are in style because they are the most comfortable shoe ever created.
Embarrassing moments (i.e. Britt running into a glass door a few weeks ago or when Brooke peed her pants at cheer tryouts in junior high…) that keep us laughing for years afterwards.
Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds from Costco (life changing)
BOYS. (one in particular for Britt)
Healthy bodies and a fitness instructor that just told us to “go crazy” with Thanksgiving dinner (our kind of girl)
Nail polish the color of pomegranates… Red Carpet “Draped in Rubies”
And we are thankful for YOU! Thank you for reading our silly little blog and making the internet fun :)
and on and on and on…
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!


4th of July done on the fly!

If you just woke up and thought, “Oh no it’s the 4th of July. What am I going to take to the BBQ tonight?” No worries, we have some great last minute ideas.
The best part is you probably already have all the supplies.
#1 The perfect table setting.
You can’t go wrong with vases and candy. All you need is tape and paint.
#2 The perfect dessert.
To go along with the grilling theme we love the idea of strawberry shortcake kabobs!
These look adorable and are fun for kids to assemble.


#3 Patriotic Lemonade
Everyone wants a festive drink. This lemonade is easy as pie – all you have to do is freeze blueberry and strawberry ice cubes and voila!

Twin Travels

Turns out, we think alike. 

Brooke and I took trips to California one week apart. 
I went because Sam surprised me with a trip for Valentine’s Day. 
We basically did a Disneyland food crawl while we there.. churros… bread bowls.. dole whip.. yum!
This picture pretty much sums up how we felt about the Happiest Place on Earth.
 We stayed at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott and absolutely loved it! 
We had the most gorgeous view of the harbor right outside our window.
 I had to take Sam to my favorite beach in all of Southern California… the Montage. 
Meanwhile… a week later Brooke took a quick trip to LA with her bestie Lauren.

They loved finding treasures at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Thanks to their big shot designer friend Brady who knows all the shopping hot spots.

Then, they found the cutest place on earth – the Venice Canals.
(The movie Valentine’s Day was shot there.)

Moral of the story — go to the beach, it makes everything better!
If you are in the area here is a list of yummy places we love:
Toast : Hearty brunch with delicious sandwiches (last time I was there they were shooting NBA wives)
Urth Caffe: All organic, local, and delicious food in an adorable cottage setting
The Pink Taco : Best Mexican food in LA with a chic atmosphere
Tell us about your favorites!


Sam and I got the best Christmas present ever this year; going on a family vacation with the Haslams to Hawaii.
My body is still craving humid air, sunshine and sand in my toes.
 After Brooke lived in Hawaii for a summer, she raved about how gorgeous it is and now I finally understand. 
 {sunsets to die for}
 {amazingly cool beaches}
 {sam jumping off our snorkel boat into perfectly blue water}

{yummy food}

 {my M-I-L and I learned the Hukilau at dinner one night}
 {stunning views}
 {this is a picture of someone who just lot their swimsuit bottoms in the ocean. seriously. they flew off when i was boogie boarding. sam tried to go find them, but they are still floating in the Hawaiian ocean :)}
{thankfully my sister in law Annie had an extra pair of shorts… }
Hawaii take me back!

The Happiness Project

If you feel like your life is in a rut right now… READ THIS BOOK! 
I have honestly told every person I know to read it.
(including my blind date over the weekend. ha. oops)
That is just how much I like it. 
I have started my own Happiness Project for 2013 and love the changes that I am already seeing. 
It is a quick read and the author shares simple ideas to easily change your life for the better.

For those of you who have already read the book – why didn’t you tell me about it sooner?!
Happy reading :)

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that awesome time of year when we get to spend an entire day eating delicious food and lounging around with family and friends.
This year we are thankful for….
 Chocolate Chip Cookies
A sleepy bulldog puppy
 Homemade pumpkin white chocolate hot chocolate
{Here is the link to a similar recipe}
I used skim milk and more white chocolate than is called for… so yummy!
You can find this skirt at H&M {not online}
Plus great family, friends, and sunshine!
We hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

{All photos from our Instagram. Follow us @brittanygrahamhaslam and @2brookegraham}


Travel Essentials

Britt was lucky enough to go on an East Coast adventure a couple of weeks ago.
While out and about she realized a thing or two about travelling.
Here are just a few items that we found helpful for traipsing around the world!
The best part is you can buy all of them online.
Watch the segment HERE
Stephanie Johnson Passport Cover:
So you never have to think “where did I put that again?!”
Luggage Tags: Super cute colors that make the Baggage Claim a breeze.
$35.00/$28.00 You can buy them at Anthropologie or order here

Yummie Tummie Leggings: For all those times that you want to wear leggings on the plane but not LOOK like you are wearing leggings. These are like Spanx for your entire leg, awesome!
I love my faux leather pair and their instant curve control.
$68.00 Get your pair here

Iman Animal Print Carry On: Supermodel Iman has come out with her own luggage line, and we love it! Look super chic with this lightweight duffle roller bag.
$50.00 Buy it here

Bungalow Co. Pocket Rocket: Perfect for any mom out there! Has more pockets than you could imagine – and it’s waterproof!
Get it here
Last, we found an easy to carry travel desk.
It is called the Traveler by Tripad.
You can buy it here.

Be sure to share any travel tips of your own with us! 

Butter Me Up…

So, now that I have been married for all of 7 weeks, my husband has already figured out how to butter me up. It used to be chocolate (of any kind), but recently he has discovered something that works even better. It’s just this simple phrase: 
“Britt, you look so much like Kate Middleton right now”
Sure, if you squint from about 100 feet away with dark sunglasses on and a piece of sand in your eye, we are practically identical :)
{photo courtesy}
Have a great weekend!

Life is more fun when you dress like a princess

 We are pretty sure that is Taylor Swift’s life motto. After going to her concert last night, we are obssessed with everything sparkly, poofy and sequined. We both said we have never seen a photo of Taylor where we thought she looked trashy… which is pretty impressive since there are bajillions of photos of her. Here are three of our favorite T-Swift looks:
{all photos}
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