Dressing the (growing) bump


Pregnancy as a first-timer has so many surprises. One of the most exciting things happened a couple of months ago when I felt the baby really kick for the first time. It is such a relief to feel a baby moving around in there! Something that has caught me off guard a bit is that my body is changing every.single.day. My bump grows at random rates and my chest just keeps expanding. I wake up not really knowing what clothing items will fit. This has made getting dressed tricky – especially because I have to look semi-presentable Monday through Friday on the show. Thank goodness for dresses! They are now my go-to. From flowy to more bodycon styles it is so nice to have something that is stretchy without a waistband! All waistbands are now my enemy. I abhor anything that feels tight and constricting. Some maternity clothes out there make you feel bigger and more pregnant than you are however I have found a few winners that I wanted to share! When you find a good thing you should share it, right?Thank goodness for Seraphine Maternity! I knew about this brand thanks to Princess Kate. She wore the brand during her pregnancies with George and Charlotte and always looked FLAWLESS. After hopping on the website I was pleased to find the exact dress she wore was available in a variety of colors and prints. Being the good sister that I am I talked Britt into getting one as well :) She settled on the magenta, I went with the mint print. We both love the dress because it flows and can be worn during pregnancy and after! As for the black printed maxi, it is by far Britt’s most complimented pregnancy outfit. I went with the red dress because I needed a piece that was a little more dressed up and could flow through all the different stages of pregnancy.  seraphine maternity 1
seraphine maternity 3
bump2 bump1

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