Meteorologist Makeover

We decided to give one of our favorite meteorologists, Jill Margetss, a new look for Fall. Jill always dresses very classy and dressy for the news, so we decided to try something different. We took her to one of our favorite boutiques, Bohme, to get a new outfit and Aveda hair salon to give her a little curl. We think she liked it!

Happy weekend!

Ambush Makeover: Men’s Edition

Meet Corey.
We heard about this fashion offender after his wife told us about his many fashion crimes.
She said one of his worst is his collection of oversized sweaters from the 80s.
(He likes to wear the one pictured every Christmas season.)
He proudly wears the same outfits he sported in 1987, so we decided it was time for a change!
Our mission was to bring Corey’s wardrobe into the 21st century.
A big thank you to Urban Blues for providing Corey’s new wardrobe.
You can find Urban Blues at:
2919 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT
278 East 12300 South
Draper, UT
They have a wide selection of designer and high quality clothing.
Brooke and I chose the store because we shop there all the time.
Look what a hot dad Corey is!

3 New Things

While in California last week we decided to try 3 new things…

1. Paddle boarding: Marina Del Ray is the perfect place to do it. We have wanted to try it for a long time and it definitely did not disappoint.
(sidenote: there are dozens of leopard sharks in the area so seeing them swim beneath you definitely keeps you up on your board!)

2. Protein Shakes: They were packed with whey protein and a whole bunch of other things, but surprisingly delicious.
(sidenote: they were called the “Get Skinny” shake and on the last day I ordered mine with some chocolate cake. Dessert doesn’t count on vacation right?)

3. Dry Bar: These are the latest fad in L.A., especially in Beverly Hills. You can walk in at any time and get an amazing blow out for $35!
(sidenote: While in the Dry Bar we saw many Hollywood starlets getting their hair done right alongside us. Try it out and you’ll feel like a star!)

Steal of Splurge: Sports Apparel

We tackled the challenge of finding cute outfits, while still looking like a loyal sports fan.
Instead of looking like one big logo, we tried to put together feminine ensembles.
Brooke and I are the first to admit we own ZERO sports jerseys, which is why is was fun to do something a little different. 
See if you can tell which outfit is the steal or splurge! 

We bought the entire Utah and BYU outfits from Old Navy.
The Jazz outfits are from the Fanzz store inside of Energy Solutions Arena.
Happy cheering this weekend!


Brooke and I both love to exercise, so we decided to put two different workouts to the test.
I ran for 25 minutes (downtown, in the dark)…. while she worked out with a personal trainer doing a “total body workout”.
She worked out with Ben Wong, who is our favorite personal trainer. He is positive, but still pushes you to the limit (and always has great music).
We both wore heart rate monitor watches so we could track our progress.
You can watch the results below.
Please ignore the fact that we are both dripping with sweat!
If you want to contact Ben for a training session, you can call him at 801-815-4377.
Have fun sweatin’ it out! 


Pretty Jewelry Stand

I found this pretty jewelry stand at Forever 21 for $12.80!
They have a surprisingly large variety of jewelry stands to choose from.
A great way to organize all of my piles of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
What do you guys use to organize your jewelry?

On a jet plane

We are off to enjoy some sunshine and relaxation. Here are a few things that made it into our suitcases:

We have some fun projects coming up… we’ll share more when we are back! Enjoy your week, and start thinking about those Halloween costumes :)

Twin Tested: Hair Wars

Today we put two award winning hair stylists through a tough test… Two hairstyles in under 20 minutes.
We had tons of fun and loved the finished product!
We highly recommend taking a trip up to beautiful Layton for Salon Tantrum.
It is hands down one of our favorite salons in Utah.
Happy weekend!


Now that Fall is in the air we have been searching for the perfect skirt 
to kick off the season… 
and I think we may have found it. 

outfit courtesy of 
Lauren Conrad’s blush pleated skirt has it all: girly details, structure, and best of all – it would look great with some patterned tights. 
You can go buy one at all Kohl’s (it’s on sale right now!) or online. 
Happy Shopping

Life is more fun when you dress like a princess

 We are pretty sure that is Taylor Swift’s life motto. After going to her concert last night, we are obssessed with everything sparkly, poofy and sequined. We both said we have never seen a photo of Taylor where we thought she looked trashy… which is pretty impressive since there are bajillions of photos of her. Here are three of our favorite T-Swift looks:
{all photos}
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