True confession time: Last night Brooke and I seriously watched “Crazy About Pippa Middleton” on E!… and we loved every second of it.
Just like everyone else in the world, we immediately became obsessed with Ms. P when she showed up at the Royal Wedding.
Don’t worry both of us agree Kate looked better, but Pippa looked stunning!
Since then, she has been in countless magazines.
We think it’s because she has one characteristic we all want… CLASS.
Pippa looks classy ALL the time, even when she is running triathalons! So, here are our 3 favorite Pippa looks…

Twins Interviewing Twins

We had such a great time chatting with Tia and Tamera. They were both very sweet. We chatted about the crazy changes both of them have recently gone through. Tia has a 5 week old baby and Tamera just got married. Favorite part of the interview was definitely when Tamera yelled “Twins rule!” at the end. Did you guys have any idea they were 33?!? I totally thought they were like 28… Anyway, you can watch the full interview below.


(How awesome are their hairstyles and eye rhinestones… takes me back to Junior High.)
So excited to interview these two today! Britt and I were huge fans of “Sister, Sister” in the 90’s (who wasn’t). It seems like there was an abnormal amount of awesome twin shows back then: Sweet Valley High, So Little Time, etc. and we loved them all. Anyways, the Mowry twins are now all grown up and have their own reality show. We will be chatting with them about their new show, their style,(that has definitely evolved since the above picture) and what’s next for them.

Tune into Fresh Living @ 1pm on KUTV Channel 2 to catch the segment!

Currently Loving

Britt and I had a fun little conversation this week, when I asked her the question:

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be and why?
Drumroll please….. here are our top 3 picks:

#1 Kate Middleton
First off she is a princess and living every girl’s dream. Everything she wears is flawless, and sometimes she even wears it twice! We are huge Will & Kate fans!

#2 Elizabeth Hasselbeck

I realize this choice is a little random. I am not a huge “View” watcher, but every time I see Elizabeth’s outfits she looks so put together. She combines effortless chic + preppy perfectly. I would want to open her closet doors any day!
#3 Kelly Ripa

And yet another talk show host! I didn’t mean to choose two but I guess I am just impressed they can look great EVERY single day. Kelly has a great style that exudes feminity. But I don’t know which I want more – her arms or her clothes. (Also impressed she looks this good after 4 kids!) So there are our choices, now we want to hear about your dream pick!

Steal or Splurge

We are right in the middle of summer, which means my workout is a little bit lacking.
One thing that helps me get excited to exercise is great workout wear.
If I have something I feel comfortable and confident wearing, I honestly think it helps me work harder.
See if you can spot the steal or splurge!
Here are our favorite picks:
Outfit #1
Top and pants: Nike
Outfit: $80
Outfit #2
Top and pants: Forever 21
Outfit: $20
Oufit #3
Shirt and shorts: Target
Oufit: $45

Top and shorts: Nike
Oufit: $80
Oufit #5
Steal: (on left) Target $40
Splurge: (on right) Fila $80
Here is the segment:

Ambush Makeover

We had way too much fun pulling an ambush makeover.
Our ambushee was an adorable mom from Morgan, Utah.

She was so great and was willing to do whatever we wanted.

She also has had an incredible year– she lost 20 pounds and chopped 12 inches off her hair.

Check it out!

Ambush Makeover

Brooke and I got to live out one of our real-life fantasies pretending to be these two for a day:

Seriously, Stacy and Clinton have a great day job. If you don’t recognize them, they did hundreds of ambush makeovers on their show “What Not to Wear”. Makeovers are so much fun and can give anyone a boost of confidence. We will show you the results of our Ambush Makeover tomorrow!

Obsession: Blue & White Stripes

Ok, seriously this sign described exactly how I was feeling when I was MELTING in the Washington DC heat earlier this summer!

I find myself wearing blue and white stripes at least once a week. They just scream summer to me.
I wore this get-up in North Carolina earlier this summer. I feel like east-coasters share the love for all things nautical.

I realize I look like I either have a food baby or am expecting a child in this pic, so forgive the bad angle…

And finally, I HATE swimsuit pics, but I’m relatively covered up in this one.

Gotta love the stripes!

Slater(see ya later),


Twin Tested: Eyebrow Taming

We inherited our dad’s eyebrows, which means they are dark and thick. We have always tweezed, but decided it would be fun to try something different. I got my eyebrows waxed (painless, easy) and Brooke got hers threaded (terrifying, painful). You can see our reactions, along with Ron Bird’s here:

Steal or Splurge Preview

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming tomorrow on our Fresh Living segment….

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