Secret date night for $7

datenight3 datenight2 datenight1   Parker and I have started a new tradition of Tuesday date night. It has been so fun to have a mid week date night that we both can look forward to! We have let a few friends in on our secret, and now I have decided to share it with you all!! Reason #1 – Pad Thai for $2 Reason #2 – Movie ticket for $5 I know that not all of you are in Utah but if you are check out Thai Siam for their Tuesday special and any Cinemark theater on Tuesday. If you are outside Utah check out your local restaurants and theaters and ask the employees about any discounts, that is how we found out about both deals. You really can’t beat $14 for a date night that would normally cost $60! My favorite part of the night is that we go in comfy clothes which makes the entire night relaxed and fun. P.S. This week Parker and I bought a house! (No, it is not next to Brittany. Yes, it is within 10 minutes of her.) More to come on that adventure over the next few weeks! datenight4

My Biggest Regret

twin grammysBrooke and I have been lucky enough to attend the Grammy awards four years in a row to report on the red carpet. It’s always a highlight and we have made wonderful memories. Of course the best part of the entire thing is getting to interview some of our favorite musicians and performers. Everyone arrives in basically a two hour window, so you have a very short time for interviews. You prep all day and then hope that some big names will stop for a chat. We were busy doing interviews last year when a PR girl dressed in head to toe black asked if we wanted to interview a cute British man named James Corden. He was being interviewed at the next booth over by Youtube star Tyler Oakley and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Keith Urban because we had already set up an interview with his publicist, so we politely turned her down. You guys, we turned down JAMES CORDEN! We big timed him! Several months later, I would realize what a gigantic mistake this was. James has stolen my heart several times since then, namely when he took Mariah Carey for a ride in Carpool Karaoke. He has quickly become my favorite late night host and I really think we would have hit it off. So James, this is an official apology. You are everything and I’m so sorry I wasn’t smart enough to realize that one year ago. Hopefully I can make it out to California to see you live on your new show! (Brooke is headed to Los Angeles next week and is on the waiting list, fingers crossed!) For now I will just enjoy him from a distance and cry/laugh at his fabulous show. If you haven’t seen his amazing Carpool Karaoke videos, please watch so you can laugh right along with me!


My most memorable Valentine’s Day {Britt}

valentines date pic

I love Valentine’s Day and thought it would be fun to share my most memorable one. Sam and I have been married for three and a half years, but we’ve been together for seven years! It’s pretty wild to think about. The Valentine’s Day that sticks out most in my mind is the first one we spent together. We were SO young – I was 20 and Sam was 22. We had been dating for about four months. He told me that he had made plans for us and that all I had to do was come :) I borrowed a friend’s cute silk top and did my hair in a loose updo. He picked me up and I was automatically filled with butterflies. We went to his parent’s house and when we walked in it was dark with a bunch of candles lit and a big vase of gorgeous flowers for me. I was of course immediately smitten that he had taken so much time to create such a nice atmosphere. We had an amazing dinner of chicken cordon bleu and yummy side dishes. For dessert, he hand dipped strawberries in chocolate. I found out a few years later that him and his mom had been cooking all day long. So sweet. After dinner, he took me to see the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” because it was the only chick flick that came out that week. If you’ve seen it, you know it’s the most depressing, negative movie ever. For some reason, it didn’t phase us too much. He topped off the night by telling me he loved me for the first time. I think it will always top the list as my favorite Love day ever!

Our Morning Routines

I love to hear about the details of everyone’s life right as they wake up. I recently met Forbes writer Samantha Ettus and loved reading her article ‘The Morning Routines of 12 Women Leaders‘. No two people have the same routine. Although we are twins Britt and I have different routines that work for us. We each have different nuances but generally follow the same timeline.

brooke morning routine

Brooke’s Morning Routine:

6:07 – I-phone alarm goes off. (Unless it is Friday, when I go to the gym at 5:45 opposed to my usual evening visit so that I can be free for date night.) I press snooze once while I check email and texts that come in overnight.

6: 15 – Wake up. Tip toe out of the room without waking the snoozing teddy bear (husband) next to me.

6: 20 – Put in Visine drops, wash my face and moisturize, apply base layer of makeup: foundation, eyeliner, brows. Straighten, curl, pouf, spray hair. When you work in TV multiple layers of makeup is necessary!

6:50 – Put on outfit for the day. Always laid out the night before if I expect myself to make it to work on time. If I am really desperate I will wear one of the 5 outfits I keep in the office for back-up. Put on warm cozy boots for trip to work while carrying stilettos to wear during the show. Choose a perfume to wear, right now I am rotating between Burberry Britt and Viva la Juicy.

6:55 – Mix together a quick yogurt parfait with berries and granola to go.

6:57 – Kiss husband goodbye.

7:10 – Carpool! Britt and I usually try to ride with each other if our schedules allow.

7:25 – Arrive to work. We are usually the first
ones in our building. Unlock the door, turn on the lights.

7:45 – Finish makeup and hair at the lit mirror in our office.

8:00 – Write and plan final details of the show with our show’s producer and editor. Talk to our floor crew and director about plans for the show. Answer emails.

9:00 – Talk with guests about their upcoming segment on the show (usually 5-10 per day), do mic checks, get on-set and get iPad set up with scripts.

9:15 – Pop in an Altoid mint, offer them to others :)

9:30 – Taping of The PLACE begins

britt morning routine

Britt’s Morning Routine

6:15 – Calm sounding alarm goes off and I immediately get out of bed. I never hit snooze because I like to sleep until the absolute last moment.

6:20 – Wash my face and put on basic makeup. Like Brooke, I do a lot of final touches once I’m at work.

6:30 – Do my hair. I never shower in the morning because I hate blow drying my hair. Instead, I shower at night, loosely blow dry and sleep on it.

6:45 – Get dressed. I am known to wear ridiculous clothing and look somewhat homeless on the ride to work. I always bring a show outfit with me, but many times my only concern in getting dressed is what will keep me warm for the next two hours.

6:55 – Put together a healthy breakfast. My New Year’s Resolution is to not eat cereal every morning. I love it, but it never keeps me full. I am eating a lot of toast with peanut butter & banana, protein smoothies and yogurt parfaits.

7:10 – Carpool. It’s actually really fun to ride to work with Brooke. We get to chat a little bit about our personal lives before we have to focus on work. We also try to listen to either a scripture or an inspirational talk during our 20 minute commute.

7:25 – Arrive to work. I try not to open my email until I arrive to work. Otherwise, I am already anxious and somewhat stressed before I even sit down to start my day.

9:00 – Make sure I look decent and go chat with guests and The PLACE team to make sure we are ready for the show.

9:30 – Begin taping

At this point in time we are grateful for normal schedules that allow us to spend time with family and get a good amount of sleep because that hasn’t always been the case in our TV careers. We would love to hear your tips and tricks for making your morning successful.

We bought a house!

new houseSam and I just bought our first home together. No one tells you that you literally go through every emotion when going through the home buying process: excitement, fear, dread, regret, happiness, fear, excitement and on and on and on. We are finally moved in and are so content to finally be living in the home. I have to say, the two things I am most pleased with are the garage and no longer having to share a bathroom with my husband! I was telling Sam that I know I shouldn’t base my happiness on material things, but having more space has definitely put a pep in my step. I can’t wait to make it our own and decorate, but I seriously need your help! I am the type of person who loves a lot of different styles, but really has a very difficult time picking just one. I want our home to be comfortable and inviting, but also classic and structured. I know, I’m a mess, huh? Well, our most daunting project is decorating the living room, which currently houses one teeny side table. I need advice on everything: paint color, couches, coffee table, etc.  Here are a couple things I love, but please send me your favorite places to shop for furniture!home ideas

(Is it that obvious that I’m obsessed with blue and gray?)

Photo sources from L to R: Joss & Main here, Target,   Studio McGee , couch, Rug, pillows, chair, living room

It also helps when you have adorable neighbors that drop off a basket of cookies that are shaped like little houses. We love our neighborhood and feel so lucky to be there!


5 Best Beauty Finds of 2015



As you know, we love trying all the latest and greatest products when it comes to beauty. This is called “Twin Tested” after all. This year we have been pleasantly surprised by a few products. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite finds:

1. Ulta Contouring Powder Kit: We jumped on the contouring band wagon this year and there is no turning back now. This kit is super affordable from Ulta Beauty and comes with a guide that makes the application fail proof.

2. NAKED Eye Palette: Matte, matte, matte! We will never go back to using anything other than this eye palette.

3. Unite Expanda Volume Root Booster: Our genius, hair painter Aubrey gave us this product. It has now become a necessity every single day. It works as a dry shampoo/root booster/hairspray all in one. AMAZING.

4. Eyelash Extensions: What a blessing! We found a new friend that is able to keep our lashes on point while at the same time acting as our therapist. Score! No, but really we are so thankful for the time these save us every single day.

5. Red Carpet Manicure: We have said it once and we will say it again. If you are looking to save money in 2016 – do your nails at home! We love this kit and our nails look great for 2+ weeks at a time.

Hope this list helps!



Wishing you a Merry Christmas

We love this time of year. Here in Utah we are enjoying a white Christmas and time off from work. We have been able to meet so many wonderful people this past year and are truly grateful for all of the experiences we’ve been able to have. It’s been a year full of exciting changes and new adventures. Thank you so much for following along. We are so lucky to have wonderful people in our lives who love and support us.  We have to say a huge thank you to the two boys that put up a whole lot from us. Our husbands trudge out into the middle of snowy fields, carrying mistletoe and wreaths and take photos with us. They are constantly confused as to how this whole “blogging” thing works, but they are so supportive and sweet anyway. We hope you all have a fabulous holiday season! Merry Christmas! Time to go sip some hot cocoa in front of the fire and relax with family. DSC_0018 DSC_0038


shabbybrittdress shabbybrookedress

 Both of our dresses are from Shabby Apple. You can find them here.


Forever 21 Treasures: 5 dresses for under $30

I realize I am 27 and am supposed to be totally over shopping at Forever 21, but that store just sucks me in every time! I should be embarrassed and tell you that I only buy designer, but that would be a big, fat lie! I stay away for a while and then I find something absolutely amazing and wonder how I don’t go there weekly! I recently ordered a bunch of clothing online and found some incredible things, so I thought I would share. The key is definitely shopping online. They have a much bigger selection on their website and you don’t have to dig through piles of crappy clothes to find things you like. So, here are the things you need to buy right now:

F21 cutout dress

Layered Cutout Midi Dress $19.90

I totally realize this dress has cutouts and I am not into showing my bare love handles, so a little backstory: I wear a black wide elastic band on my waist to hold my microphone at work everyday. So, when I tried this one on, my elastic perfectly filled the cutout holes and voila! a work appropriate dress that fits like a glove.

F21 metallic flecked

Metallic-Flecked Bodycon Dress $24.90

Do not let the word BODYCON scare you away on this one! It is very forgiving, especially in the tummy area which I LOVE because it means I don’t have to suck in all day long. It’s a nice thick fabric and perfect for the holidays.

F21 D-Ring Belt Dress

D-Ring Belt Dress $27.90

This one looks like it should cost at least $100 when you see it in person. The fabric is high quality and the fit is super flattering. I love the way the belt cinches in at the waist and it’s LONG! Like over the knee, no problem long. That is a win in this tall girl’s book. It definitely shows off some cleavage, so I just wear a little tank underneath.

f21 Mock Neck Bodycon

Mockneck Bodycon Dress $27.90

I’m all about that mockneck this year. I honestly don’t know why it’s taken 30 years for it to come back in style. I think it’s really pretty and feminine. This dress is what you think of with Bodycon, so order at least one size up or it will be snug. I love this pretty green color and think it would be flattering on every skin color. This one is a web exclusive.

F21 Dolphin Hem

Dolphin Hem Sweatshirt Dress $24.90

Saturdays. Leggings. Boots. That’s all you need for this dress. Comfy and cute all at the same time! Love the cute rounded dolphin hem.

Happy Shopping! Send over any treasures you find because you know I’ll love them.

Our Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

We love TV. Which we should, since we host a TV show together. Over the years, we have realized how much hard work goes into having a great show. On each show, there is a huge team behind the scenes that works hard to make something great. That includes producers, directors, editors and assistants. We also have to pick our favorites carefully, because after being surrounded by TV all day there are only so many things we like to watch. So, we scanned our DVR’s and Netflix accounts and came up with a good old list for ya.
1. Fixer Upper: Joanna Gaines is a perfect human and everyone loves Chip. This husband/wife duo makes you smile and laugh at least 10 times per episode. Two things we’ve learned from Fixer Upper: shiplap is the answer to everything and homes in Texas cost around 50 bucks. We haven’t wanted to live on a farm this bad since we read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by The Pioneer Woman. The Gaines have more than 60 animals on their farm and four cutie pie kids. The couple does not own a TV (gasp!) but are great at responding to tweets from obsessed fans (us).
fixer upper 2{photo courtesy: Country Living magazine}
2. Modern Family: yes it’s been on the air for 7 seasons and yes it is still hilarious! Our top three episodes are as follows: 1-Family trip to Disneyland 2- Cam’s juice cleanse 3- Las Vegas
modern family
3. KLG & Hoda: we love these two because they are just basically your crazy drunk aunts you get to see every morning! Honestly though, they do a great job making a really fun lifestyle show! One of Kathie Lee’s first jobs was as a singer on the show “Name That Tune”, while Hoda’s first job out of college was as a news assistant for CBS. Ya gotta start somewhere!
klg and hoda gif
4. Shark Tank: we don’t necessarily want to say we love it, but we sorta do. Robert and Barbara are our favorites, but Mr. Wonderful and Mark keep the show entertaining. According to TV Guide, Mr.Wonderful makes $30,000/episode!
shark tank
5. Old Home Love: this cute Utah couple just launched their show this Fall. We are so excited for them and their success. They love old homes and restoring them to their original beauty. The show is addicting and a great one to keep on your DVR.
old home loveWhat are we missing? Don’t say The Walking Dead because we are big babies that are most definitely scared of zombies.

Girl’s Gift Guide

We pride ourselves on providing a realistic and fun gift guide each year. These are all products that we have personally used and LOVE.


1. For your white elephant party: Lip Freak Buzzing Balm. This is not your mom’s lip venom. This innocent looking chapstick makes your lips feel like they are VIBRATING for up to 30 minutes. Perfect for a white elephant or to give to your one and only :)

2. For the fitness junkie: RowX class at XCEL Fitness. They just launched a new rowing class. We love that it is something different that we would definitely not do on our own for 60 minutes. It is a mixture of interval training and boot camp style energy bursts. (Plus, Kate Middleton is a rower and who doesn’t want to have her arms?)

3. For the active wear queen: Albion Pace-setter leggings Hands down the most comfortable pants you will ever put on. They can also pass as cute pants when you layer them up with boots and a sweater.

4. For the friend/acquaintance that is hard to shop for: LORAC lip gloss. It will last forever and is super high quality. Much better than your Bonne Bell lipsmacker’s in 5th grade.

5. For the beauty guru: Naked Eye Palette. It looks good on every skin tone and is used by every professional makeup artist we know. We use ours!

6. For your mom: Ulta Beauty Chi Hair Flat Iron. Our mom has finally been converted to the world of Chi! And yes, we did get her the “glitz and glam” version because it is more fun. Chi flat irons last for years and our hands down our favorite.

7. For your neighbor: Dark Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Jo Jo’s. Trader Joe’s. Everyone’s favorite treat. Go early, they sell out every year.

8. Reality TV junkie: Kardashian Beauty Au Naturale Lip Set. If your friend is after the ultimate nude Kardashian lip then this is the set for them. The sisters themselves created it from their famous look. Yes, we’ve used it and we hate to say it but we like it.

9. For yourself: Deer jewelry holder. Cuter than cute and only $10! Our friend Kristin is selling it at her new shop called Glass House in SLC.

Hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season!


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