Spring Makeover Giveaway


Image via Kate Spade

Just in time for the first week of spring we are giving away a spring makeover to one lucky lady! It includes a new look from head to toe. With help from the lovely ladies at I’m Beautiful Salon you will be transformed and pampered all day long. Tell us why you think you are the perfect candidate for the contest!

*Must be available for the makeover Monday afternoon.



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  1. edma garcia says

    Because everything out thier is cut for tall/ slender girls. Which I am not and only in my dreams will be. I would love a professional advice for how to dress a cute/ FABULOUS/ short/me body that is a 14-18 size, I’m not even sure. I work in a bussiness office now, but came from working in medical scrubs for 10 yrs. And now I need guideance to go bussiness. PLEASE pick me :)

  2. Allison W says

    I Would LOVE this. It’s been almost 7 months since my last haircut..yes I said seven. With two kids and my husband working full time along with going to school I tell myself I will get my haircut and then weeks turned to months!

    My littlest just turned one and I’m finally getting myself back on track I’m lost with what’s in style and this would be so nice to make me feel pretty again!

  3. Brenda Tyner says

    I would love to win but most of all need help in finding a way to get my smile fixed. Spent lots of money trying to keep my teeth between a bad dentist and loosing my job shortly after I have lost almost every tooth in my mouth. Now disabled can’t work but get SSD but wanting more than anything in the world to get permanent dentures but the cost is so out of my price range. Do you know how or were a 53 year old single (and will stay that way until I can get my teeth fixed cause no one will want me like this) lady with little income can’t do much but would do anything I am physically capable to do. Who Doesn’t want to be alone forevever, and can’t eat much cause I can’t chew and I choke a lot. Who is tired and embarrassed to smile talk or try to meet anyone get her life back? I am sorry, I know this isn’t the right place to post this message. Also very embarrassed to even ask but need help lost and don’t know were or what to do. I know this is also why I have daily migraines and afraid dentures that aren’t a permanent thing will make my tmj even worse and migraine will never go away. If you don’t know or can’t help me I understand. And as a very proud women this was hard for me to ask and will be the last time I do and will just continue to put life on hold until I can figure out what to do. Feel stupid now just righting this so I need to stop send or hit erase mmmmmmm

  4. sky Upshaw says

    I just don’t have any style. I wear sweats and tshirts almost daily. I lost something when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I would love my man to look at me and find me sexy again.

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