Twin Tested: The Oscars Swag Bag + Giveaway (Closed)



{Drumroll please….. Congratulations to Gabrielle Oviatt!}

Bet you didn’t realize that everyone at the Academy Awards is actually a winner.

Each attendee (at least the famous ones), get to go to the “Gifting Suite” before the show. This is basically a huge tent filled with companies giving them free stuff.

Well, we got the official Academy Awards Swag Bag and we are giving it all away to one of you!

We showed you what the Grammy’s Gifting Suite was like HERE, and this gift bag includes a lot of the same items.

So… for a little preview of what you are going to get:


GIFTLOUNGE14-1024x1024 Touch Gold: Asian beauty products are included almost every year. A lot of people in LA believe that the Asian market is ahead of the US as far as beauty treatments go. Liquid Gold promises to solve all of your undereye issues because it is infused with REAL GOLD (and it’s not available yet in the US yet).

The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co.: An darling company based in Southern California. We are including one of their sweetest and most stylish bowties.

Tervis: The cutest tumblers that keep your drinks hot or cold… they run around $20 each and we are including two!

Sole Goddess: Blister Protector Foot balm. We’ve never tried it, but it sounds like a great idea!

Innies: A genius idea for boot storage. You put one inside each boot and it keeps them standing up tall.

Fender Guitars: They sponsor both the Grammys and the Academy Awards, they included a brand new guitar strap, t-shirt and some other fun knick knacks.

McCoy Non-F-Energy Cream: This is lotion made in Japan that promises to make your cellulite disappear! As far as we have tried, it just makes your skin softer, but they say it takes a few months to start working.

Dosha Pops: All natural healthy lollipops!

The swag bag also includes vitamin packs, an ipad mini leather cover and more!


The official swag bag from the 2014 Academy Awards– over $500 value!

You must “like” Twin Tested on Facebook to enter.

Comment below with your favorite person you saw at this year’s Oscars!

For extra entries, you can share the post on Facebook.

Good Luck!



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  1. Teri Rich says

    I think that Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous! I could really use that cellulite cream because unlike you young girls I’m old!!

  2. Andrea Leon says

    I really love watching you on KUTV. You are a breath of fresh air, both of you!! Please pick me!!

  3. Heather Weiss says

    Liza Minnelli was my favorite at the Oscar’s because she kept hugging everyone like they were closest of friends.

    • Heather Weiss says

      Sorry, I had trouble posting so I changed my answer to get it to post and then it posted both of them. My apologies.

  4. Lyndie Barker says

    I always love Jennifer Lawrence, so beautiful yet so genuine! (oh, and I thought the pizza guy was kinda cute!)
    That foot blister stuff looks interesting, I’ll try it out for you!

  5. Rosie says

    Of course my favorite person was Lupita. My daughter is friends with her as she went to Yale School of Drama with her. We were jumping up and down crying when she won…

  6. Tamera Chase says

    There is no question that Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite. Anyone that can trip on the red carpet when exiting her limo and come up laughing hysterically is true class to me. She looked absolutely beautiful. Simple, classic, and elegant with lots of wow!

  7. Denise Kasanicky says

    Sorry, I kept posting because I got an error message each time. Can you tell I really want this? Now I have 3! Sorry!

  8. Jeremy Henson says

    Definitely proud of Matthew Mcconaughey!! Growing up watching him in various “idiotic but entertaining movies” has done a complete 180° in his career with me. Now with the HBO series “True Detective” in play, the guy has finally become something special. PICK ME!!!! My bride to be (in 50 DAYS will just DIE!) Perfect for her wedding morning beautification!!!!

  9. Tammy Chase says

    Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite. She tripped on the red carpet when exiting her limo and came up laughing hysterically. That is true class. She looked stunning. Classic, simple and elegant.

  10. Teri Rich says

    I loved Sandra Bullock’s look. Gorgeous! And I think Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful too and her personality is such a breath of fresh air and justice too cute.

  11. Steffanie H says

    Hi B&B! I appreciate this awesome giveaway! My favorite star is Bradley Cooper! He can do so many different roles and just shine all the way through. He really is amazing! I would love this fantastic swag bag as a great use for my wedding day next month! This is such perfect timing… I don’t know how you guys are gonna choose! Please make me a winner, I just love you guys and 2 News =)

  12. Cindy Bybee says

    I Love Ellen! I would love to go se her live, as she is an amazing lady!!

    I posted this earlier but I do not see it. I hope I didn’t post it twice! love you ladies!!
    btw, I shared this a few times! :-)

  13. Amber barker says

    Meryl Streep!!! It just isn’t a true oscars experience if she isn’t nominated for something!

  14. Wendy wright says

    Kudos to those responsible for finding and hiring “OUR TWINS” – “UTAH OWN FAMOUS DREAM”
    I have watched The Twins grow from girls who began hesitant, shaky, and nervous, pleasantly blossom into charmingly, glamorous up and coming young women who have stepped it up into the places that each of them belong and own. Our Utah Twins are more than just recognized at Hollywood red carpet events. The Twins, who have now become highly recognized. Their uniqueness by simply being beautiful, glamorous, upbeat, news spokespersons who have caught the eye of the Hollywood media moguls and the national news as well must be making a few competitors realize its time to check themselves and up their game. Our Twin Team are the best there is and have come a long way! But stat here ladies, we love you & you still need us to continue to grow and hone your craft! It is a very hard, tough, cut, throat, girl, kill, kill working reality world out there. Don’t loose your honest, kindness, upbeat sun shining aura that can’t be faked but can be squashed protect it! You two are the best. Always Stick together all throughout every aspect live takes you through and never forget that your sister is always you truest, most trusted confidant, friend and ally. Remember that just the fact that you were born as twins sets you above and apart as different, unique and SPECIAL. Be proud of yourselves, make others proud of you both, and make everyone proud to watch you and want to see, know and learn more about both of you! ALWAYS LEAVE THEM SEEING LESS WANTING MORE.

  15. Kelly says

    Jared Leto! Loved that he brought his mom and was sure to give her a big THANK YOU in his acceptance speech!

  16. Kay Jones says

    Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite. Loved watching all of them in their magnificent dresses. Look forward to it every year.

  17. callie b. says

    you two are so cute and looked fab! loved matthew macconaughey’s speech…could he have been any sweeter and ellen kept me laughing throughout the show! crossing my fingers! xo

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