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We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at Sundance Resort up Provo Canyon, so we decided to turn it into a little weekend getaway with our husbands!
Here are our 10 favorite things about Sundance:

1. The feast we had at Foundry Grill, the most enchanting restaurant you have ever seen. It has the most picture perfect ambiance and as you can see our food was to die for. We feasted on roasted chicken, pasta, filet mignon and ribs. We also got the truffle mac & cheese and it was some of the best ever. Melt in your mouth good. Thanks to our cute waitress’ recommendation we ordered the peach crisp with homemade blackberry ice cream on top. Hands down the best dessert I have had this fall!


DSC_0039 photo 5 (2) 2. The gorgeous mini cabins that they call rooms. We both were given suites to stay in and they did not disappoint. We both married tall guys that like their space and the king beds are ginormous! I am pretty sure they are made of clouds because we both slept like rocks.


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3. Haunted Lift Ride: This spooky little ride is as beautiful as it is fun. The lift offers stunning views of the mountains and the night sky. We loved the star gazing. Since you are above the action it is really great for all ages. At the bottom of the lift they have Hocus Pocus playing on a big outdoor movie screen, corn hole games, and teepee’s. Definitely our kind of Halloween haunts!

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3) {of course the guy in the gorilla suit came and scared us while we were getting a picture. and of course we screamed and jumped about 10 feet}
4. The general store is pretty much the cutest thing on the planet. They have so many fun local products, it is really fun to take a look at everything.

5. Handmade Soap & Beauty Products: they make them on site and they smell amazing. Every room is fully stocked with a bunch to choose from.

6. Glass blowing: Sundance brings in world renowned glass blowing artists from Guadalajara, Mexico to create one of a kind pieces. You can even take a glass blowing class at the Sundance Art Studio. They also decorate a lot of the rooms with the hand crafted glass artwork.

7. You can build your own fire in your room. As Sam said “they give you all the supplies, so it is fail proof.” There is nothing quite as cozy as a warm fire on a cold night up the canyon.

photo 4 8. Location: Sam and Britt went on a canyon run in the morning and said it was absolutely beautiful. Sundance is located on the Alpine Loop and it is stunning. And this is Sam’s go to pose…. if you weren’t already aware, he works out :)  We also happened to choose the best weekend of the entire year, it was 78 degrees!

DSC_0004 9. Perfectly crunchy and crispy cookies for breakfast. Yes, we sometimes have dessert before we begin our day :) They pair perfectly with a pumpkin steamer or hot chocolate.

photo 4
10. Canyon drive home


Thanks to Sundance for treating us so well this weekend! It was one we will always remember! If you want more information, you can go to www.sundanceresort.com

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