Surprise! Baby Haslam & Baby Hackett coming soon!!!

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Surprise!!! Baby Haslam is coming in August and Baby Hackett is coming in September! We couldn’t be more excited. We have been keeping this secret in for what seems like an eternity. We wanted to answer a few common questions we have gotten recently.

Q: Did you guys plan this?!

A: Actually quite the opposite, we were trying not to have babies at the same time so that we would not have to take time off from the show at the same time. However, the big guy upstairs definitely had other plans!! It was a shock at first but we both could not be more excited for ourselves and for each other.

Q: When are you due?

A: Britt is end of August, Brooke is beginning of September.

Q: Do you know the genders?

A: Not yet, we both find out in the next couple of weeks and we will be sure to announce it. Britt is leaning towards boy, Brooke is leaning towards girl. We are both probably wrong!

Q: Are you still going to host your show?

A: Yes! We absolutely love our jobs and plan on returning full time after we take some time off on maternity leave. Our search for a nanny has officially begun! Let us know if you know of anyone that loves babies! We will both be paying them so that should be a helpful incentive :)

Q: Will you be going natural, breastfeeding, eating your own placenta, etc.?

A: We have no idea. Honestly. Neither of us has taken any classes or anything at this point so time will tell.

We are just so excited that this news is out in public now and we no longer have to try and hide our growing bellies. We have many more pregnancy posts coming your way and would absolutely love to hear any advice from all you moms out there!

Our Weekly Fitness Routines


We thought it would be fun to share what we do on a weekly basis when it comes to the gym. We love peeking into people’s lives and finding out how they keep their workout routine fresh. We are definitely not anything special when it comes to fitness, but we have found some pretty great classes and created a community that we love at Xcel Fitness.

Brooke’s Routine

Monday: Both booty burners that I usually feel the next day when I am walking up the stairs :) Try High Fitness if you have not yet! Watch @xcelfitness on Instagram for Open House days where all classes are free to try.

1 hour of Jumpboard Pilates

1 hour of High Fitness

Tuesday: Reformer Pilates is a game changer. It works your entire body and the muscles that you forgot you had. It has also really helped my flexibility.

1 hour Reformer Pilates

Wednesday: Love going to High Fitness at 6 am and getting my workout done early if I can.

1 hour High Fitness

Thursday: Run/Lift weights or Rest. I like to hop on the treadmill for a few miles to fit some cardio in.

Friday: I keep my workouts short on Friday so that there is time for #datenight! The BBG workouts are great to do when you have a time constraint. (but they are brutal!)

Kayla 25 minute BBG workout

Saturday: Pilates and High Fitness: Pilates helps me wake up and do some resistance training while High Fitness gets my blood pumping.

1 hour Pilates

1 hour High Fitness

Sunday: Rest

This is my ideal schedule, I am not always able to go to all of the classes and sometimes I sleep through them :) If I am being honest most Thursday’s, lately, have been rest days. I just see how my body feels and what I can fit into my schedule. I highly recommend Pilates for every age group and ability. If you are in the Salt Lake area, Xcel Fitness has some of the best instructors in the state. I enjoy every single one of their classes. It is SO good for your body and it is kind of like meditation for me! Helps me find my zen, which we all need, right?

Britt’s Routine

My routine is eerily similar to Brooke’s :) We both have just fallen in love with our gym, Xcel Fitness. They have the best classes and the best instructors who have become great friends. It’s easier to be motivated when you feel like you are going to hang out with friends. BTW, they offer #FreeFriendFriday if ya wanna come try a class with us sometime! This is my ideal week and I am really pleased with myself if I can get to the gym 5 days a week.

Monday: I double up on Monday because it feels good to start out the week strong. #NeverMissAMonday right?

1 hour of Jumpboard Pilates (best butt burner of a class out there)
1 hour of High Fitness
Tuesday: I take it easier on Tuesdays and just go for an easy run or do pilates (mostly pilates in the winter).
1 hour of Reformer Pilates (which can still be really challenging and just works different muscles)
Wednesday: I like having a fun, upbeat class midweek!
1 hour of High Fitness
Thursday: I do my own thing. It can be really hard to stay motivated, so I try and make a little plan of what I am going to do before I get to the gym.
 60-90 minutes of self guided exercise. Usually breaks down to something like this:
20 minutes of rowing
40 minutes of lifting weights
10 minutes of abs and core stability
20 minutes of running
I’m always proud of myself when I make it to the gym on Fridays :)
I like to take a one hour TRX class, or mix it up and do a HIIT workout with a 2-3 mile run. I always work out for a shorter time on Fridays because I’m almost always exhausted and ready for some fun weekend plans!
Saturday: I have a lot more time/energy on Saturdays, so I usually go to two classes. I know that might sound extreme, but pilates is a gentle workout that stretches and strengthens, while High Fitness gets my heart rate up with plenty of cardio.
1 hour of Barre or Reformer Pilates (both are lower impact)
1 hour of High Fitness
Sunday: Rest
Now we want to hear what you guys are liking these days!

Girls Trip to Arizona

KIMPTON Believe it or not, we have never been on a trip with just our mom, sister and sister-in-law. We’ve talked about doing a girl’s trip for a very long time, but it just never came together. Well, we decided 2017 is the year! We coordinated everyone’s schedules and decided on a location – Phoenix! We came to the conclusion that all we really wanted to do was relax, eat great food and shop. Phoenix is the perfect place for that! So instead of giving you a full minute by minute breakdown of the trip, I’m just going to share some of our favorite spots!

Where to SHOP:

  • LAST CHANCE: if you haven’t heard about the legend that is Last Chance, well you’ve got to visit in person. I would compare it to a much rougher version of TJ Maxx. The thing is, you can find absolutely amazing designer clothing and shoes deeply discounted. Brooke bought two dresses that are amazing and they were each $20. Just beware, long lines and you have to do some digging.
  • BILTMORE OUTDOOR MALL: this is just a beautiful outdoor mall that is fun to browse and wander through. We loved all of the gorgeous flowers.

Where to EAT:

  • SNOOZE: if we could adequately describe our love for Snooze, I think you would be scared. Let’s just say this – we happily went there for brunch two days in a row. It’s just that good. Plus, we all tried something different each day and I truly don’t think you can order anything bad. Favorites: Eggs Benedict, French Toast and any and all of the pancakes!
  • The STAND: Goooooood burgers and fries. A total hole in the wall that knows what it’s good at. Deliciously seasoned fries and Stand sauce (or fry sauce as we call it here in good old Utah). The best part may have been the Dulche de Leche milkshake. Never in a million years would I order that flavor, but we tried it and it blew our minds!
  • PIZZERIA BIANCO: Travel + Leisure just named Phoenix the best city for pizza! It’s largely thanks to this restaurant and its chef. They make incredible pizza in fun and different combos. Jimmy Kimmel is a huge fan and has even had them on his show before.

Where to STAY:

  • KIMPTON HOTEL PALOMAR in downtown Phoenix. It was beautiful and was in the heart of the city. The rooftop pool was the major selling point and we spent several glorious hours there basking in the sunshine. I think our pasty white skin might have burned a couple eyeballs, but it was worth it! We also got to do a fun workout together because your stay automatically includes a membership to the huge gym next door.

Now we want to hear your Phoenix faves because we can hardly wait to plan a trip back to the sunny desert!

DSC_0245 IMG_3039 {the most heavenly peanut butter chocolate pancake ever}
IMG_3040 {i love nothing more than a good eggs benedict}
IMG_3064 {quite possibly the prettiest Pottery Barn ever} DSC_0213 {thank you Linds for convincing us all to order Dulche de Leche shakes at The STAND} DSC_0215 {perfection in a burger at The STAND} DSC_0216 {tell the truth, have you licked your screen yet?} biancoverde_pizzeria_bianco_hoch {photo courtesy of Phoenix New Times cuz mine did not do Pizzeria Bianca justice}
DSC_0228 {slumber parties are the best. we laughed A LOT}

The Week of Extreme Nice

hearts Hi friends! We’ve told you before, but we are huge fans of author Gretchen Rubin. Many of you have probably read her book, “The Happiness Project”. Well, we picked the book for our book club on The PLACE for the month of November. For those of you that haven’t read it, Gretchen created a year-long Happiness Project for herself. She creates a theme for each month and then comes up with a few concrete goals to work on. This time re-reading the book, I loved the February chapter focused on marriage. One of Gretchen’s goals is to do a week of extreme nice – meaning that she picks one person to be extremely nice to for one week. She picked her husband and she made the goal to not criticize him, nag him, or snap at him. I decided to try it. Oh my gosh! What a great week! The trick is that you don’t tell the other person you are going to do it. I have since challenged all of my friends and even my poor Sunday school kids to try it out. Here are a couple of observations:

  • When I wasn’t immediately trying to get my way in every situation, I was able to see Sam’s side much more clearly. For example, we were buying decorations for our Christmas tree and I thought I really wanted white lights. Well, it was the week of extreme nice, so I let Sam pick. He went with rainbow colored lights. This probably would have bugged me a few weeks ago, but after coming home and putting them on the tree, I love them! It also made ME happy to see something make Sam so happy.
  • Attitude is everything: when I began each day with a positive attitude towards my spouse, the little stuff (like forgetting to cap the toothpaste) didn’t bug me as much.
  • Looking at things from your spouse’s point of view is healthy – I realized that Sam and I are so different and look at many things differently, but that is why we are so good for each other. Many times Sam is a lot more logical than I am and in most cases, he has thought through decisions much more extensively than I have, so it’s good to give him a chance to share his ideas (because they tend to make more sense in the long run).
  •  I loved Sam so much more by the end of the week. I was able to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. I am so lucky to have a loving husband who truly bends over backward to make me happy.
  • We had more fun! I realized I can be very bossy and stubborn, especially when it comes to our evening plans. When I let Sam choose what we were doing, we had tons of fun!
  • I give my kindness to everyone before I give it to Sam. I spend all day trying to be kind to friends and co-workers and by the time I am spending time with Sam, he often gets the tired and grumpy version of myself. Putting him first in my happiness expenditures really made a big difference in my happiness. He is the center of my world and it felt good to make the effort to make him realize that.
  • I tried to come up with one kind thing to do for him each day. Most days this just meant that I made the bed or cleaned the kitchen. He didn’t notice everything, but I could tell our lives ran smoother when I consciously thought of something kind to do for him each day. This was a lightbulb moment for me because these simple acts usually take under 2 minutes and I am normally so slow to do them.
  • Sam never asked why I was being so nice. Ha! I think this is a good thing. Hopefully, it means I am not a terrible person because he didn’t notice a huge change. He was pleasantly surprised to hear about it when I told him I got the idea from Gretchen’s book.

For our book club on the show, we got to interview Gretchen a few weeks ago. It was so great – except for the dozens of technical difficulties that came up. Many parts of her book are about maximizing your time, being responsible, etc. – I felt the opposite of that explaining that we were having issues with a brand new audio board. I shouldn’t have worried because Gretchen was so kind and understanding. She was a joy to talk to. It was fascinating to hear from her perspective what sticks out to people most from her book. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do! Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

We don’t need to be perfect, but we can all try to be a little better! If you try the week of extreme nice, let us know how it goes!


A few before & after pictures from Brooke’s house


Now that Parker and I have been in our house for 8 months I thought it would be fun to share some before and after pictures. We are far from finished, but I wanted to show you some of the progress that has been made. To prep for our projects, I curated a Pinterest board to zero in on the styles that we liked. This helped immensely, instead of just showing up at Home Depot to look through all of their options. To describe the house when we bought it I would say it was just blah. An older gentleman owned the home and it had brown carpet, different shades of paint on the walls, and was desperate for some new energy. We decided to go for clean and crisp aesthetic that made people feel welcome. Here is a peek at some of our recent before and afters!

before and after of fireplace

Flooring: We ripped out the flooring throughout the entire house. We started in the living room. You can see there was brown carpet there leading into brownish tile in the kitchen. We replaced it with dark wood flooring throughout the main living area and kitchen and new carpet in the bedrooms. What a difference a new floor makes! Also, people are not kidding when they say taking down wallpaper is the absolute worst. I feel lucky that we only had one wall. The previous owner was a painter and many of the walls were different colors throughout the house. I wanted to make all of the areas flow nicely together so we chose a pale gray to cover all areas. We had Home Depot mix a few different colors together for us, I would be happy to share the paint “recipe” if you are interested. Parker is laying out his plans for our new fireplace and mantle now, I think it will make the room feel very cozy!


Kitchen Backsplash Before & After. As you can see there was an 80’s Southwest theme going on in the kitchen. We opted for some white subway tile and light gray grout. I love how it turned out, it feels so much cleaner! Not to brag but Parker did a GREAT job with the backsplash! My brother helped him start the project and they were able to knock it out in a few days. So glad I married a (willing) handyman. Our next project in the kitchen is to paint the cabinets – please send over your tips and tricks!

Before and After of front door

Before and After of our front door. Missing from the before photo is the metal storm door that weighed about a million pounds. I am so happy that we went with our white craftsman door. It’s cheery and really changes the entire look of the front porch. The casing still needs to be painted but we have to wait until spring time when the temperatures get a little warmer to do that. Now I look forward to putting a different wreath up for every season! We feel so lucky to have our home and we are enjoying all of the extra space for now. Our main goal was to make our home a place where people felt welcome and comfortable. I will keep you posted on our other updates as we go along!





Gift Guide for your handsome husband

Ladies! We’ve got some fun/necessary gift ideas for your man. Brooke and I both tried all of these products on our husbands and they are HUGE fans – as in they are asking for the products for Christmas this year, so here ya go!

guy-gift-guide Art of Shaving starter kit $30

I gave this gift set to Sam a few years ago and now he asks for it every year. The fluffy brush makes shaving feel luxurious and fancy! guy-gift-guide-2 Jack Black Online Only The Jack Pack $49

This company makes great products for men. If your guy is afraid of face wash or moisturizer, this is a fun pack to ease them into it. Jack Black knows the scents and textures that guys like. Sam has been using their products for a few years now.

guy-gift-guide-5 American Crew King of Grooming Gift Set: $29.95

This gift pack is such a steal! Normally each of these products is around $20, so to get them all in a cute little travel bag is great! Even super picky guys love Crew hair products. He also loves having his own toiletry travel bag, so he doesn’t have to share with me because I’m a bit of a space hog when it comes to packing. My favorite thing about these Crew products? They smell SO good!


Micro Groomsman Lithium Ion Trimmer (AKA the best nose hair trimmer) $15:

Awkward as it may sound, this is a great gift! Often times, it is something guys don’t want to buy themselves, but they need it! Plus, it’s only $15. Perfect little stocking stuffer. Cordless too!


Poo Pourri Secret Santa: $9.99

Ok prepare yourself. You spray this stuff in the toilet before you go #2 and it hides the smell. Ahhh that was hard to type. So gross, but when it actually works you’ll be glad you have some! We got some Poo Pourri as a gag gift a few years ago and have been loyalists ever since. At $10 a piece, you can get one for every bathroom.

Happy Holiday gift giving!

A Christmas Tree Story


Happy Holidays! This is such a fun time of year. This is our first Christmas in our new home and we were SO excited to go pick out a real Christmas tree. I grew up with a fake tree, but Sam is 100% all about the real trees. His family has been going to the same tree lot for years. They invite me to come every year and I have to admit going to the tree lot and picking one out is so fun. We measured our ceiling before we left on our tree hunt. We thought about bringing a tape measure, but thought Sam’s arm height was more reliable :) We tied it on our car, carried it inside and… it was about a FOOT too tall for our little ceiling!!! Once we got the tree stand up, it was way too tall. Well, we just about died laughing (hello Clark Griswold! it’s like we learned nothing from Christmas Vacation). We decided to pull out the weed whackers and trim our tree. We cut about a foot off of the top and after we covered it with ornaments and a star, I don’t think you can really tell. I also decided to keep the top of the tree in a little vase on our kitchen table so we can laugh every time we look at it! Sam and I don’t have a ton of ornaments, so we decided to start a new tradition where we will buy one that makes us think of the other person each year. Can’t wait to see what it will look like in 30 years! I thought I wouldn’t really like decorating an entire house for Christmas, but I think it’s turned out quite the opposite!

christmas-tree-4 christmas-tree-2 christmas-tree-1

10 things you can only do in Japan

Parker and I just returned from a 9 day trip to Japan. Our main reason for going was to visit our brother and sister in law and their adorable 1 yr old baby. They are currently living in the center of Tokyo and were incredible hosts and tour guides! I had heard great things about Japan but prepared for how much I would love it. The city is spotless, no graffiti or trash anywhere. The people are kind and considerate, even when the subway is jam packed there is no yelling or shoving. I felt very safe the entire trip. The women have incredible style, always looking feminine and demure. And the food is incredible! I loved absolutely everything that we did, but to simplify things I decided to put together a list of my favorite 10 things that we did that you can only find in Japan.

img_1408 img_1446 img_1441 img_1666 img_1679 img_1675 img_1687-1 img_1681 img_1571 img_1577 img_1610

  1. ONSEN or JAPANESE BATH HOUSE: Being naked with strangers may sound terrifying but it was actually very spa-like and relaxing. I was hesitant when I first arrived at the bathhouse but after the initial shock wore off it was great. Men and women are split up into different bath areas. It was surprising to see moms and daughters together as well as little babies enjoying the water. At the onsen we enjoyed sushi and also got crazy fish foot massages – I was absolutely dying because my feet are so ticklish! Definitely a fun, cultural experience.
  2. CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI: The sushi in Japan did not disappoint! If you find a restaurant with a conveyor belt it makes it really easy to pick and choose what you want to try. I personally loved the salmon and tuna rolls.
  3. DISNEY SEA: We made a last minute decision to go to Disney Sea. I had no idea what to expect. The park is built on the coast and incorporates water into everything, even to the extent of building a Meditteranean looking village with gondola’s! I loved it and would definitely go again.
  4. RAMEN: The only ramen I had ever eaten before Japan was the 50 cent version. We were lucky enough to try quite a few different variations with udon noodles and different meats. All of them just made you want to cozy up in a sweater and relax. Although I am still working on my chopsticks skills…
  5. HARAJUKU: This is a fun little shopping district in Tokyo where you see some of the anime fashion. Bright colored hair, big platform shoes and a lot of My Little Pony. They also have photo booths that photoshop you to look like Barbie, not the best look for Parker :)
  6. GYOZA: Better known here as pot stickers, gyoza is very popular in Japan. We went to a restaurant entirely dedicated to different forms of gyoza. Then on our trek into the mountains of Hakone we happened upon a tiny little hillside restaurant with a Japanese grandma at the head of the kitchen that made gyoza from scratch. They were heavenly!
  7. TOKYO DOME: This is where all of the baseball games happen, but there is also an amusement park outside of the dome that is a blast! If you go after 5 pm it is around $25 for a pass to go on all the rides as many times as you would like. My favorite happened to be the roller coaster called Thunder Dolphin that took you high above all the skyscrapers and then dropped you straight down, even zooming through a building at one point.
  8. SHIBUYA: This is one of the busiest crosswalks in the world. Insider tip – go to the 2nd floor of the Starbucks on the corner so that you can get an overhead view of the chaos. Perfect location to record a time-lapse. You can see my husband’s here.
  9. HAKONE: They call this the Switzerland of Japan. It took a couple of hours by train to get there. In Hakone we saw an active volcano, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, and a shrine that was in the water.
  10. HIGH TECH TOILETS: The toilet seats are heated and spotless – even in places like 7-11! The Japanese people are so clean and tidy that I never once came across a bathroom resembling what you would find in America. The toilets are capable of doing so many crazy things (i.e. bidet?!). I now feel like I need to buy one for my house. In the winter time a warm toilet seat can’t be beat!

3 Ab Burning Exercises We Love

Brooke and I love to exercise but have decided to really focus on our abs lately. Gotta balance out all of those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies :) We love taking classes at Xcel Fitness because the instructors force us to do ab exercises we would either never think of or never make ourselves do on our own. Here are three of our favorites.

#1 The first exercise requires a big exercise ball – any size. The smaller it is, the harder the exercise will be. You start in a pushup and then pike up. It looks SO easy in pictures, but is hard after about 5 of them! We try to do a few (3ish) sets of 20.

dsc_0070 dsc_0071 #2 The next exercise is done on a new torture device we just discovered in pilates called the pilates chair. It is a weighted chair (you can adjust to your liking). This one burns out your legs, but is great for balance and core strength. You step on the pedal with one foot and then rise up. You then continue to do it without holding onto the handles. If you don’t have access to one of these, you can always just do it on a bench. The key is going SLOW. This one we try to do three sets of 20 on each leg. It burns! dsc_0090 dsc_0092 #3 The last one can be done on the Stability chair or any similar setup. You lift legs into a crunch and then straighten without putting your feet down on the chair. This is one you can change up by changing the angle of your legs and working each side’s oblique. Try to do three sets of 20. dsc_0101

What’s your go-to ab exercise? Britt’s goal is to have a two minute plank by the end of the month! We love to try new ones, so please share!

Special thanks to our favorite gym for being bomb-dot-com, never crowded and always smelling fresh. We love Xcel! They are doing Free Friend Fridays right now where members can bring a friend to work out for free on Fridays. This includes all classes! I’ve taken a couple friends already and had such a good time. Let me know if you want to come sweat!

Things to see & eat in Spain

spain-travel-guide Sam and I just got back from a 10-day adventure in Spain. We had never been before, so we spent months researching and planning. I wish I could have found something like this to help plan our trip – so here you go!  I have highlighted three things to see, plus one thing you must eat in each of the places we visited!

Barcelona: beautiful, hip and braless. Apparently, the no-bra trend is very “in” right now. Barcelona is a beautiful and very hip city, it’s also the city that most definitely seemed the most touristy.


  • Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s church and a complete work of art that is still being completed. You need to get tickets in advance online. Worth going inside and we wish we would have bought an audio guide because you are unable to buy them once you are there, you have to purchase them with your tickets. Give this at least two hours
  • La Boqueria: This is Barcelona’s food market. It’s packed and a lot of fun. It gave us a great chance to try lots of different types of food in one place. My favorites were of course the fresh strawberry coconut juice and the chocolate stand. It’s located on Las Ramblas, which is the main walking street and area. You absolutely have to visit this part of town.
  • Park Guell: This was a residential area designed by Gaudi that has now been turned into a beautiful park owned by the city. It’s not perfectly manicured and definitely has very unique things to see. We liked visiting for a half day trip.
  • *Bonus – Rooftop Pool: Many of the hotels in Barcelona have rooftop pools and they are worth it! Ours had an incredible view of the city and it was so nice to give our feet a little break for a day.


  • Paella: this dish is everywhere in Spain, but we saw it most in Barcelona. It is a Valencian rice dish with lots of spices, vegetables and most of the time, includes seafood. We decided to try the vegetarian version at the market and really liked it. Sam is not a huge seafood fan, but I think it would be delicious with fish!

Madrid: architectural, lovely and clean. I fell hard for this city.  I didn’t have that high of expectations because for some reason, not as many people visit Madrid. They were completed exceeded. It’s a beautiful European city with gorgeous buildings at every turn, fantastic history and you can walk the entire thing.


  • Royal Palace: I’m a sucker for anything that involves royalty and this did not disappoint. The Royal Palace is stunning on the outside, but the real treat is taking a tour and looking at the incredibly gilded and ornate interiors. Give yourself half a day to enjoy and take your time. I highly recommend the audio tour, I learned a lot.
  • Prado Museum: This is such a gorgeous museum and it is busy. We decided to chance it and do the free entrance that they offer from 6-8 PM. It was totally worth it! We had to wait in line for about 45 minutes and then got to roam the museum for free for two hours. We did purchase audio guides, which were helpful since we really only had time to see the highlights.
  • Retiro Park: it’s so refreshing to see a gigantic park in the middle of a city. This one is quite grand and you can easily spend hours exploring. It reminded me a lot of Central Park. We rented a row boat and had such an enjoyable afternoon at the park.


  • Churros & Chocolate: they have this treat all over. We liked the chocolate part better than the churro because they are just plain pieces of fried dough and we are spoiled Americans that are used to have them smothered in cinnamon sugar.

Granada: cultural, detailed and different. This place was unlike anywhere I have ever been before. We drove a rental car from Madrid to Granada – which I actually would not recommend. As our hotel concierge said, “Granada and cars do not mix”. The city is a nightmare to drive in and it’s just a huge hassle. I would have taken the train in hindsight. Granada is such a fun mix of cultures because it is located so close to Morocco. This means there are a lot more food options and the buildings look different from other European cities. We had our best meal here at a place called Carmela’s.


  • Alhambra: stunning, intricate, historical. This place was magical. It’s an old Moorish palace that has been restored to immaculate condition and it is just beautiful. We spent nearly an entire day here walking around and exploring because there is so much to see and learn about. You absolutely have to buy your tickets well in advance online.
  • San Nicolas Viewpoint: so so crowded, but the view really cannot be beat! It’s free and we loved watching the sunset here.
  • Street Performers/Guitar Players: this city comes alive at night. Families and couples all go for evening walks around 10 – 11 PM. It was fun to walk around and watch street performers and listen to people play music.


  • Carmela’s: this is where we had our best meal of the trip. It was on the higher end, but every single thing we ordered was amazing. We ate french onion soup, a salad (with ham, of course), homemade pasta with a white wine sauce and a beef and rice dish. It’s in the heart of the city.

Costa Del Sol: salty, smoky and sunny. Europeans love to smoke, so you do have to expect a lot of that at the beaches. We tried to do our homework and found a beach favored by locals in Nerja. We rented beach chairs for a day and just enjoyed the Spanish sun. Beware all beaches in Spain are topless and there are lotsa boobs! If you’re looking for a beach vacation experience, I would recommend Costa Del Sol over Barcelona. There are many more beaches to choose from and they are less crowded.


  • Balcony of Europe: gorgeous viewpoint above the ocean in Nerja. Free
  • White Hill Towns: these are absolutely the cutest and reminded me of Greece. We loved driving through town and seeing them.
  • Malaga: the most underrated stop on our trip. I wish we would have had more time here. Beautiful, walkable city right on the water. We loved spending one night here and would definitely go back.


  • Gelato: I can’t leave it out because I had a lot of it on this trip. It’s the perfect treat after a day at the beach!

I hope this helps if you are planning a trip to Spain. If you have been, I would love to hear your favorite spots as well!

Happy Traveling :)

spain-2-2 {Sagrada Familia in Barcelona}
spain-3-2 {fresh strawberry coconut juice at La Boqueria}

spain-1 {wandering through Barcelona}

spain-2 {how come we don’t have macaron ice cream sandwiches in the US? best idea!}
spain-3 {Park Guell in Barcelona}


spain-6 {Royal Palace of Madrid}
spain-7 {The gardens at the Alhambra in Granada} spain-5 spain-6


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