Favorite Salt Lake City Trail Runs


image via jarviedigital.com

Thanks to the amazingly warm Fall we’ve had in Utah, Britt and I have been able to stick with our trail running without freezing our tootsies off. We both try to workout at least 5 days a week (to balance out all of the cookies that we eat) and it’s nice to break up time at the gym with some fresh air. It’s also a lot easier to convince yourself to go running when it is sunny outside and you aren’t worried about slipping on ice! We thought it would be fun to share our top three favorite trails in the Salt Lake area. We are always looking for new ones and would love to hear about any trails that you love!

1. Pipeline: This is a popular trail up Millcreek Canyon. It has the perfect amount of up’s and down’s without making you want to puke. We love this trail year round – it doesn’t get prettier! The only thing to know is that on warm weekends, the trail can get a bit crowded because it’s awesome and a lot of people love it.

2. Bonneville Shoreline Trail: We were introduced to the Salt Lake portion of this trail a few years ago.  We love it for it’s steady, flat path and gorgeous views of the valley. Perfect to do right around sunset! It’s also great for mountain biking.

3. Sugar House Park: The park feels new thanks to the extended bike path and tunnel being completed. Since we are both huge babies and hate to go trail running by ourselves (Britt is positive she would be eaten by a mountain lion), this trail is perfect for solo runs because the park is always filled with people. It’s super accessible and open year round!

workout clothes pic

*Clothing from Lululemon at Trolley Square. We love their comfy tanks with built in bras! #TrolleyHoliday


Gifts for Your Girlfriends + GIVEAWAY


I don’t know about you, but we are getting tired of seeing gift guides that look adorable and then you click on them and everything is over $200. We love our girlfriends, but not that much :) Ok totally joking, but we decided to round up some of our favorite products that are affordable & amazing!

Obsessed with her SKINphytomerPhytomer: This French company has a local office in Salt Lake City. We have been trying out a few of their products for the past month and can say it has made an obvious change in our skin. We are super careful about what we use on our faces because we have sensitive, acne prone skin. These products are gentle, but still leave your skin looking and feeling so nice. Phytomer is carried in a few spas in the Salt Lake Valley: AquaVie Day Spa, The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge, The Grand Spa at Grand America. I’m also going to admit that Sam has started sharing the eye/lip moisturizing cream with me because it makes a visible difference in the softness of your skin. All products can also be purchased online via www.lespausa.com.

Obsessed with Good SCENTSbronze lanternWe love a good candle, but hate that you always have to have a lighter or match nearby. We recently discovered these delicious, wick less candles from Scentsationals. The perfect gift for everyone at only $20 bucks a pop!  We love their elegant designs that look more like a piece of home decor than a candle. Our two favorite scents are Vanilla Pumpkin Cream and Laundry Fresh. Yum! They make your whole house smell amazing. They are made by a local company with an outlet store in Provo! You can find it at 201 East Bay Blvd. or go to www.scentsationals.com They also have special offers and discounts on their website.

Can Talk MAKEUP All Day Longulta beauty pack

Tis the season to buy beauty products! Seriously, if you are looking for great deals on your favorite makeup or if you want to try something new, now is the time! Ulta is carrying tons of amazing holiday beauty kits that contain makeup  that usually costs double the price. The gift packs start at $10 and go up from there. They make the cutest stocking stuffer ever. ULTA.com

Loves HOT COCOA & Warm Sweatersmacys sweateraaaaa

There is nothing cozier than sipping a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. Which is why we picked up some adorable Kate Spade mugs to go along with the cute and cozy sweaters from Macys. macys.com

Wears the Cutest CLOTHES

tai pan fashionI just recently found out that Tai Pan Trading is so much more than fabulous Christmas trees! They have an amazing clothing boutique with very affordable clothes and accessories. I’m wearing a few of my favorites in the photo above. The shirt, earrings, bag and bracelet are all Tai Pan. Here’s another secret: this exact peplum top (same brand & everything) is also at Nordstrom for double the price you can buy it at Tai Pan!! taipantrading.com

If you would like to win a bunch of these goodies just leave a comment with your email here on the blog. Good luck!!

Boys gift guide (and giveaway) coming soon!




Three Holiday Looks

Tis the season for holiday parties, which means it’s a great time to try something new when it comes to your hair and makeup. Brooke and I are hair and makeup junkies, but we love to see how other people apply makeup  and do our hair because it’s always a little bit different. We partnered with our friends at H2Blow Dry Bar in Salt Lake City to show you three fun holiday looks. We brought my darling sister-in-law Annie to spice things up. She has gorgeous long hair, so we wanted to see what they could do with it! H2Blow Dry Bar is a genius idea for anyone that doesn’t feel like getting themselves all dolled up. We were in and out in about an hour and a half. Can I just say I wish I had someone to blow dry my hair for me everyday? They also have 4-5 makeup artists on hand to do makeup. We were also thrilled to work with makeup artist Jill Marie. She is an absolute doll and used the new makeup line Becca (exclusively carried at H2Blow) on all of our faces.

Annie – Before & After

h2b annie

Brittany – Before & Afterh2b britt Brooke – Before & Afterh2b brookeDSC_0055

This is obviously the BEFORE, but Brooke totally cheated and wore some bronzer. Annie and me are sporting our true natural beauty :) DSC_0079 DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0087 DSC_0089 DSC_0104 DSC_0112 DSC_0113You can go in and request any hairstyle, whether it’s a braided undo or flowing waves, they can do anything! Now the fun part, we are giving away a free blow-dry and makeup session at H2Blow Dry Bar! You can book hair and makeup online 7 days a week. You can also buy the entire Becca makeup line and all hair products they use. We are crazy about the Unite Root Lifter… it’s amazing! They also book large groups, which would be so much fun for a party!

Comment here to enter to win. For more information on H2Blow Dry Bar, go HERE

I’m Thankful {Brooke}


2014 has been so good to me. Through weddings, celebrations, goodbyes, and loss I have once again learned to treasure each moment a little bit more.

Here are a few things I am thankful for this year.

- Family. You never know how long you have with someone so take full advantage of opportunities to spend time together making memories. The Hackett’s excel at this and therefore I have so many fun memories with Rory over the past year. Whether it was his warm hugs and greetings, the way his boys emulated his every move, or the constant love and respect I saw between he and Linda. He is deeply missed.

- Littles. Kids make you slow down and have a little more fun. I love the sweetness and innocence that they so comfortably express. The picture above shows my nieces cruising around with me in the convertible on a sunny fall day. Of course they had their arms raised in the air the entire time like they were on a roller coaster. Pure happiness.

- Sisters. Brittany because she is the best confidante, sounding board and co-worker. Heather because she is the most supportive and genuine person that I know. Lindsey because she is a DIY master and gives me hope that I can sometime in my life create something crafty (if she oversees it!). And of course my newest SIL Maria. She is one of the most talented, beautiful, and kind people – yet so incredibly humble.

- Fun career. I’d say I am pretty lucky when dressing up like a princess and holding an owl is considered a normal work day. I absolutely love my job and realize the incredible opportunity I have to meet so many amazing people in the world around me.

- Husband. I consider Parker to be a little piece of heaven that I get to have by my side. He has added so much happiness to my life in the year we have been together. He is the most selfless, fun, and handsome person I know. I am so grateful he chose me.

- Wisdom. Isn’t it a blessing that we all get a little bit smarter and wiser year after year thanks to life’s experiences? I look back at some of my high school decisions and I am so glad that Instagram wasn’t around yet ;) Here’s to one more year getting a little bit smarter!

Thanks for reading our silly blog and supporting all of our career endeavors! I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends this week. Happy Thanksgiving!


Wedding Reception Photos

Here is a look at our wedding reception. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined or planned. These pictures are even more special now that Rory is gone. I am so grateful for all the memories to look back on. Thanks Travis J Photography.





5 Holiday Shopping Tips


Brooke and I have been trying to be more proactive this year. We want to get to things before they stress us out and I would say for the most part, we’ve done a pretty good job. You can still catch us baking a stressed out batch of chocolate chip cookies every now and then (are we the only ones that do that?), but I just convinced her to start using her phone calendar (welcome to the 21st century Brookey!), so we are getting quite organized. We were diehard paper planner users, but have now transitioned to the phone calendar and it’s SO much easier! What are your favorite calendar/scheduling apps? We would love to know. So, in the spirit of owning life and being on top of things, why not do some Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving? We made a little date out of it earlier this week and explored Trolley Square and had so much fun!

Here are 5 Completely Unsolicited Holiday Shopping Tips:

1. Go NOW! Holiday shopping is so much easier and less overwhelming if you start early.  I know, I am probably preaching to the choir with this one.

2. Start your shopping trip with a meal. And end that meal with spumoni ice cream from The Old Spaghetti Factory because I forgot how good that stuff is!

3. All holiday dress shopping begins and ends with Ypsilon. This store is jam packed with the sparkliest, most gorgeous gowns. If you need a show stopper, go here!

4. Buy yourself a little something. This may sound completely egotistical, but I think if you allow yourself to pick out a few things it makes shopping even more fun.

5. Make sure you ask about the return policy, most stores are extending theirs through January!

{strawberry pistachio and chocolate perfection}IMG_2489

{stunning dresses at Ypsilon, someone invite me to a fancy holiday party!}

{Sam and I are known to throw on onesies Christmas Eve, so I maybe might have bought this for him from Spark}IMG_2495

{Brooke and the cute Sarah Tyau – look her up, she does the most amazing things with vintage clothes! Also, not sure who the creepy photobomber is behind them :)}alice lane

{do not go to Alice Lane because then you will go home and try to convince your husband you need the entire store. Is this bedroom not an absolute dream?}

What are your holiday shopping secrets? We would love to hear!

Do’s & Don’ts for Couples Photos

We present… Couple Photo Do’s and Don’ts. We jumped at the chance to work with Jessica of Jessica Janae Photography and of course we had Sam and Britt do it because they like to laugh at themselves. Whether you are getting Christmas card photos or engagements, we hope these tips help!

JJCouple 1

#1 The Ring Pic: this one shows with a few slight changes you can still display your bling without looking mega awkward.JJCouple 2

#2 The Boy Nose Smash/Foreheads: of course it’s cute that he wants to nuzzle your face, but let’s get some space in there so it looks good! I loved this tip from Jessica to lightly touch foreheads instead, so you still get the lovey dovey vibe without any body parts being smashed.JJCouple 4

#3 The Kiss: Lesson learned- the moment before your lips actually touch looks a million times better than squishy faces.JJCouple 5

#4 Just say no to the piggy back. It is so rare that it looks cute and just don’t even think about it in a dress! There are plenty of other ways to look like you want to be close, without being THAT close. JJCouple 6

#5 The Awkward Stance: you have to create shapes and angles with your body to make it more interesting.JJCouple 7

#6 The Boob Squish: hands down the most awkward of the bunch! Although when we were taking the photos it didn’t feel like that awkward of a pose, it is flattering to no one. Jessica had us make a few small changes and it looks so much better!JJCouple 8

#7 The Announcement: If you’re not doing a pregnancy announcement (which we are totally not), then don’t do the pregnancy pose with the hands on the stomach. Much better is the sexy back hug snuggle with your best Tyra smize :) JJCouple3#8 The Nuzzle: squished noses are just not cool and they make everyone look weird. By slightly turning your face, everybody gets to show their best angle! She also had me move my arms down, so I didn’t look like I was trying to jump on Sam.

Huge thanks to the fabulous Jessica Janae for the photos, we had a blast shooting with you! Any other Do’s & Don’ts we are forgetting?

Why You Should Buy a Fiat Convertible

So we basically won the lottery two weeks ago. We were asked by Ken Garff Fiat in Salt Lake City if we would like to test drive Fiat convertibles for two weeks. Um yes! Brooke and I have always loved tiny cars and then you take that tiny car and turn it into a convertible and I’m not so sure we will actually be returning either of the cars. We got to drive 2015 Fiat convertibles. Brand new cars. They have been so much fun! We love how they look, but they are also great on gas mileage and they handle really well. The car seats four adults comfortably (really, we had lots of friends that wanted to go for a ride, so we tried it out). The best part is that they are not pricey at all! You can get a brand new one for around $20,000. Not too shabby. If you mention TWIN TESTED you get $500 off when you buy one. That’s like so many fro yo runs and stops into F21.

IMG_2739fiat 1fiat 2IMG_2826IMG_2814IMG_2802IMG_2778IMG_2769IMG_2755Here’s the best part for you guys, now that we have returned the convertibles, you can go test drive them any time you want! Fiat of Salt Lake City is located at 198 East 500 South. You don’t have to buy one, you can just go down and go for a fun little ride! You can find more information HERE.

DSC_0010 DSC_0011

Someone please go buy one so we can live vicariously through you and maybe catch a ride every once in a while :) Have a great weekend!!

Last Minute Costume: Ms. Frizzle

This was my favorite of our costumes this year! Ms. Frizzle is such a fun character from our childhood. I knew I had to get my hair done so I had Aubrey from I’m Beautiful Salon work her magic. She used a small curling iron and some simple red hair spray. And the good news is it came out easily the next day! I also found some bright fun earrings. To get the outer space look going I spray painted cardboard circles to look like different planets and then just taped them onto my dress. You could also add a green chameleon if you are feeling like an over achiever.

Enjoy today, Happy Halloween!



Last Minute Costume: Unicorn

This is a costume we have been wanting to wear for years, so we finally just did it! All of the supplies are from Zurchers, and the best part is you really just need the hat (which is surprisingly warm and comfy). We paired it with a plain white t-shirt and hot pink workout leggings. Pretty magical.


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