Best Smelling Hair Products

flower hair kyle white edit

{photo by Kyle White, find him on Instagram @hikylewhite, model: Nicole Lier, styling: Michelle Lier}

These are all hair products that we have used and been asked what perfume we are wearing. They really are that good. We’ve been testing them in triple digit heat and amazingly, our hair still smells awesome by the end of the day. Plus, they all do the job they advertise really well. We got all of the products at ULTA.

hair collage finished and edited

 #1 Not Your Mother’s –  Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: It’s the perfect spray for when you really don’t feel like blow drying your hair but you don’t want it to look like complete crap. It adds really nice texture, but is still nice and light, and of course smells amazing. (It’s only $5.99! As in, you can buy this or a cupcake)

 #2 Alterna – Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray: Best Invention Ever! You spray this delicious shine spray on and it protects your hair from the sun, while also making it sparkle. And it smells like a pina colada.

#3 Tigi – S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer: This is the one you want to put on damp hair right out of the shower. The texture had us nervous at first, but it did not make our hair greasy at all. And you guessed it, makes your hair smell fresh as a daisy!

#4 Catwalk by Tigi – Curls Rock Amplifier: Tried this one in heat + humidity and it worked so well! Usually our hair gets that gorgeous uncontrollable frizz in any kind of remote humidity, well this kept our curls looking like actual curls. I also thought it helped hold the curl for longer than normal.

Drumroll please….

We have a new favorite hairspray and dry shampoo!

hair collage finished 2 hairspray

#5 Kenra – Platinum Dry Shampoo: It smells like you just landed in a field of flowers on a Spring day. So yummy. I maybe might have also used it as body spray.

#6 Living Proof Control Hairspray: This is everything. It’s light, but it holds amazingly well, it’s not sticky, it’s not alcoholy smelling, you can use sparingly and it still does the job…. and you guessed it, it makes your hair smell so so so good!

You can buy all of the products at ULTA right now! Plus, did you know you can get $3.50 off every purchase over $10? All you have to do is go to their website and grab a coupon or sign up to receive their catalogue. Plus if you order online, they always throw in some free samples, how can you not love that?

Twin Tested: What is Oil Pulling?

The nature lovers in our lives introduced us to coconut oil. So we started cooking with it, using it as moisturizer, etc. Then they told us to put in our mouths and use it as a mouthwash…. for 15 minutes at a time. It’s a new way to clean your teeth called oil pulling. I have to admit, the first time I did it I gagged. There is just something incredibly unappetizing about having oil swashing around your mouth for that long. Our friends (and the internet) claimed that it would not only whiten teeth, but also clean out our mouths. We decided to put it to the test against our tried and true favorite teeth whitener, Crest Whitestrips.

Then, we asked an expert to judge the process. We went to see Dr. Tom Broadbent at Pioneer Valley Dental.

teeth whitening edit

Pros of Oil Pulling: 

- it truly removes bacteria from your mouth

- it works on sensitive teeth

- it is an all natural option

Cons of Oil Pulling:

- it is pretty gross swirling oil in your mouth, definitely something that takes some getting used to

- it takes 15 minutes a day. the dentist said if you spend 15 minutes/day brushing and flossing your teeth will be better off

- it only whitens teeth very slighty, bleach works much better

Would you try it? Have you tried it? We want to know what you think!

Big thanks to Dr. Broadbent at Pioneer Valley Dental for helping us with this Twin Test!

10 Hours in Monaco

As many of you know, my new career goal is to become the Princess of Monaco. It is hands down the dreamiest place I have ever been. It is the second smallest country in the world and the most densely populated. Every inch of Monaco is beautiful. We spent about 10 hours there, so here is my advice for the must-see sites!

Casino Royale

Even if you’ve only seen part of the James Bond Casino Royale movie cuz you fell asleep halfway through and started drooling on your boyfriend’s throw pillow, not to worry, it is still worth a look. It is a stunningly beautiful building. You have to pay 10 Euros to get in and when we went they were giving a private tour, so we just got to see the entrance and lobby areas, which were beautiful! They have a strict dress code you must adhere to if you want to go inside, no shorts or flip flops and a jacket is required in the private rooms.



Basically every beautiful yacht on earth is parked in Monaco. We walked around the harbor for about an hour just oohing and ahhing over how lavish they are. They all come with a highly trained crew, which made me think - how much does a yacht captain make? Well, most of them make about $150,000 a year, not including bonuses. Sign me up! Seriously, they were the most amazing boats I have ever seen.

monaco2 monaco3

The Grand Prix

We arrived in Monaco 3 days after the Grand Prix had wrapped up. It was awesome because everything was still set up for the big race. We walked along the tiny, windy roads and were amazed at how fast those cars zip through them.monaco4 The CARS

I am just about the last person on earth to ogle at cars, but in Monaco you are absolutely surrounded by exotic vehicles. I don’t think Honda Civics are allowed… It was fun to see them all zipping by us on the street and of course Sam loved getting some up close views of some super fancy cars. We started counting Bentleys the second we got there, but stopped after we made it to 10 within 10 minutes…monaco7

Larvotto Beach

This public beach is similar to Nice in that it is made of tiny pebbles, but they are not as big as the ones in Italy. We could not get over the beautiful clear water. Warning if you go: You will see a lot of boobs! At first, Sam was like oh my gosh did you see those, look at THOSE, but by the end of the day we were actually pretty used to it (and don’t worry mom, I kept my top on :))monaco9 monaco11

Monaco is such a gorgeous place and I can’t recommend it enough. If you go, it is about a 10 minute train ride from Nice, France.

Bridal Inspiration Shoot

I’m Beautiful Salon invited us to be part of their bridal inspiration shoot for the upcoming issue of Salt Lake Bride & Groom. It was so much fun and we loved getting a peek at what is popular in the bridal world right now.


bridal shoot 2

{the floral detail on this dress was gorgeous}bridal shoot 3 bridal shoot 4{Brooke basically wanted to wear this flower crown for two weeks straight, it was gorgeous. She got airbrush makeup done and was shocked at how well it stayed on her face. She is definitely doing it again on her big day}

bridal shoot 5

{the stylist put us in  two trends that will continue through 2015… the ruffled mermaid dress and the sparkling belt}

bridal shoot 6

{bowties are back! and so are colored shoelaces for guys… I already bought Sam some red ones just like these!}

bridal shoot 7

bridal shoot 8bridal shoot 9

{how can you not love a guy in leopard print socks?!}{the stylist put us in two trends that will continue through 2015… the ruffled mermaid dress and the sparkling belt}

bridal shoot 1{this was our overall favorite look of the day on Jessica. Her braided bun was flawless and her dress was so feminine and beautiful}

You can check out all of the fun from the shoot in the upcoming issue of Salt Lake Bride & Groom.

Thanks to everyone who collaborated on the shoot, we had so much fun!


Profile Studio Photography

Marc Reynolds Photography

True Gentlemen Custom Suits (Men’s suits)

Bridal Closet (Gowns)  801-432-0031  Draper, Utah

Sweet William Floral (Flowers)  801-679-5352  South Jordan, Utah


Hair Artists:  I’m Beautiful! Salon

Aubrey Schut

Darci Hansen

Ashley Squire

Karine Herrin

Cody Cole

Melissa Glazier


Makeup Artists:

Amy Capece


Alece McKenna


Italy Travel Tips

IMG_3651We almost died on our way to Rome. Being the cheapskates that we are, we decided to take a bus to our hotel rather than a taxi. We got stuck on the sketchiest bus for an hour and a half. Needless to say, when we saw the bright Marriott sign we were relieved. We stayed about 20 minutes outside of central Rome which ended up working out great, but we forgot to change our clocks and missed the shuttle from the hotel our first morning there, so we had to hire a private car with Marco. He was a great little tour guide. He told us that real Italians vacation on the island of Sicily, not the Amalfi Coast. Apparently only Americans like it? Before we knew it, we were parked outside the Coliseum. So, instead of talking about places in Italy, I am highlighting my Top 5 Travel Tips for Italy.


#1 Bring a safe bag.

Within the first few hours of our first day in Rome, we saw an Asian girl get robbed. A man came into the restaurant we were eating at, snatched her bag and ran away with it. It was so sad and she didn’t speak English or Italian, but to her relief, one of the waiters chased down the thief and came back about 30 minutes later with her bag. Sam borrowed a great travel bag that had a zipper lock. Just a simple lock that makes it so pickpockets and thieves can’t quickly open your bag. It is from REI. I brought a tiny blue shoulder bag that had a squeeze closure that was also hard to do quickly. These bags were so nice to have and worked really well for us. We kept all of our credit cards and big bills in a money bag Sam wore under his shirt every day (thanks love).

italy 9

#2 Comfy Shoes!

I wore my polka dot Keds every single day in Italy and my feet were happy. We did so much walking every day that I would have been miserable in sandals or cute shoes. Gotta choose function over fashion sometimes I guess!


#3 Gelato, Gelato, Gelato

Eat it at least twice a day. My favorite place in Rome was called Grom, but the best gelato of the trip was from a tiny store in the Tuscan town of Lucca. I almost always got Hazelnut because it’s just sooo good, but I also  tried crazy flavors like pine nut (amazing) and basil (little weird). Sam and I started off splitting cones and by the end of the trip… well we weren’t splitting anymore.


#4 Buy all of your tickets before you get to Italy.

We bought our tickets to the Coliseum and Forum + Vatican City and Museums months before our trip and I’m so glad we did. We literally got to skip right to the front of lines that were hours long. It makes the whole trip so much more fun when you don’t get stuck waiting for half your day.

ITALY 4edited

#5 Get lost.

Sam and I absolutely loved wandering the cobble street roads and sometimes having no idea where we were headed. It was so fun to visit the little shops and wander down the gorgeous lanes filled with scooters and flower covered balconies.



I am engaged! It has now been almost 2 weeks since my boyfriend Parker proposed. We just got back from a vacation to St. George with my family – I think they almost like him more than me! He is a definite crowd pleaser. I truly could not be happier right now, sometimes I feel like my heart is going to explode because I love him so much! I thought about telling our engagement story but I think it would be more fun for everyone to hear our full love story from Parker’s point of view. He accepted the challenge and we will have it up shortly. I am one lucky girl!


Martha Stewart Interview

We had the incredible opportunity to interview Martha Stewart while she was in town for Alt Summit and what a powerhouse! We first listened to her Keynote address to a crowd of about 300 bloggers at Alt Summit and then went to a private meeting with her at Macy’s City Creek. We were able to sit down and chat with her for about 20 minutes. First lesson about Martha: she runs a tight ship. Her schedule is perfectly coordinated down to the second. Second, Martha has been in this business for a very long time and is the ultimate professional. When asked how she “does it all”, she said she wakes up two hours earlier than she wants to. She is not the type that lays back and watches her fortune roll in. The lifestyle brand icon made it very clear that she oversees every decision for her company and life.For example, after she met with us she instructed all the Macy’s employees on how she wanted them to sell her new home style products – she really is all about the details! It was fascinating to hear from such an iconic woman.


martha stewart book line marthastewartbookbrittface marthastewartbookbrookefaceQ: Have you been to Utah before?

A: The first time I came I was celebrating my daughter’s birthday. We drove to Zion and climbed Angel’s Landing. I crawled the last few feet, she just walked to the edge. It was scary, the wind was blowing. {laughter}

Q: What inspired you to put the book together? (This is her 85th book published, she has 2 more coming out this fall!)

A: We have always been discovering wonderful recipes across the country since we started the magazine 20 years ago. We have really loved the kind of melting pot recipes you find in America. This was a good way to compile them into one place and tell the back stories, celebrate the ethnic groups that make this delicious food that we all eat. The recipes are really great.

Q: What is your favorite indulgence or splurge when eating?

A: It is more about variety for me than indulgence, I don’t like eating the same thing all the time. I grow a lot of stuff, all winter long. We’ve been growing all the salads, spinach parsley for my green drink every day. That is one thing I do drink every day except today. Tomatoes, root vegetables, I have a greenhouse that’s barely heated. I have my own chickens and my own eggs. I grow my own food. It’s not chocolate or peanut butter. {we gasped}

Q: While you were speaking at Alt Summit you mentioned that you work with your sister. Britt and I work together, tell us about that?

A: Yes, I work with one sister and one sister-in-law. It’s nice. My sister is a great writer and she knows my voice. It’s very good for her to write on my blog because it sounds like me. I don’t get a chance to edit everything she writes, but I trust her. Today’s blog is about a visit I made last weekend to this beautiful nursery in Portland, Oregon. I woke up at 4 o’clock and read it very quickly. She is very busy doing stuff and just emailed me and told me she finished doing my rose garden blog. She asked if she could have tomorrow off… I haven’t answered yet..I’m going to torture her a little bit. {giggling} My sister-in-law has a big job at the company she is the business manager for publishing and manages HR. And my niece Christina works for me too, she sells the digital advertising. I am trying to get her married to her cute boyfriend.

(Britt: Well, just tell her you will plan her wedding!)

I have! She knows she can get married at my house, but I don’t know my nephew already did that.

Q: What would you serve at a 4th of July party?

A: I love fried chicken. I’m not a big meat eater, but everyone else loves it, so maybe some nice steaks as well. We always have a lot of food, food is important in our family. Good food.

Q: What’s the best way to make your guests feel welcome?

A: Talk to them (laughter). Invite them into your kitchen and have them help you with your preparation.

Q: What comes to mind when you hear someone say “That’s so Martha”?

A: I laugh. It’s true it happens a lot. I think we really did make an impact on the way people think about entertaining at home, to keeping a home and decorating a home. To me that is very flattering. I try to help people understand that homemaking can be much nicer than once thought. Elevating homemaking to a higher level is nice, it shouldn’t be a drudgery it should be a pleasure.

Q: Martha it seems like you are in a new place everyday, how do you still find time do things you want? If you have a few hours of free time what would we find you doing?

A: I have redesigned a garden at my East Hampton house so I am very involved in that. Luckily you have email and photography to say yes or no to things. I go out there every spare moment. Sunday I got home at 5:08AM at Kennedy airport and we drove straight there to see the progress. It is important for the homemaker to make those decisions. You can leave a little up to other people but not a lot. I should’ve been a landscape architect, it’s one thing I love.

Q: There must be one thing that you really don’t want to do that you assign out?

A: I have housekeepers, I have to because I work so much. At my house in Bedford I live on a farm, I have a housekeeper that has worked with me for 27 years now. She was off for the last two weeks and I was left looking for this green silk dress I wanted to wear to a wedding. I never found it. I only wore it once and I don’t know where it is. I am sure it is under something but we looked everywhere. I don’t have time to vacuum. We have so many animals, we have to vacuum every day and I don’t have time for that.

Q: How do you think it’s best to entertain at parties with chidren?

A: I just finished my grand kids Chicka Boom Boom themed birthday party. It was very apropros and adorable. To pick a theme for a party is really nice. Next year my granddaughter requested a bagel themed party. (laughter)

Q: Is there a treat that they always request from their grandma?

A: Oh no, I am not allowed to make them anything that is a treat. I cannot give them jam or anything fun. Everything is healthy and vegetarian. (she told us earlier that her daughter is vegetarian)

By the end of the interview, we were all smiling and felt like we were truly friends. Martha even pulled out her ipad and showed us cute pictures of her grandkids at the Chicka Boom Boom party! Martha Stewart Collection merchandise is available at Macy’s and online. It is so cute and festive for the summer. Thanks to Martha for a fun afternoon!


 I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation with this post for the Macy’s Martha Stewart event. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Win Martha Stewart’s New Book!

martha bookWe had so much fun meeting Martha Stewart at Macy’s yesterday! She was in town for Alt Summit and then had a book signing event at Macy’s City Creek Center.

We will share our exclusive interview with her later today, but right now we are giving away three copies of her brand new book Martha’s American Food!

Just comment to win!

Twin Tested: How to Look Good in Photos

We all want better photos of ourselves, right? Britt and I know next to nothing about photography so we decided to call up one of our favorite pros for some tips. If you are in SLC you have most likely heard of Jessica Janae Photograhy. Jessica is a super talented photographer that has a way of making everyone look their very best. She layed out six guidelines for taking a good picture, these include in front of the camera and behind. Britt and I volunteered as her good example/bad example in the pics below so that you can see the contrast. Shout out to Britt for looking super awkward in most of these and taking one for the team :)

Watch the segment for more tips from Jess!


1. flattering face pose: As girls it seems like we all get a weird urge to tilt our heads once a camera is in front of us. In the pics below you can see how much better (and normal) it looks to be straight up and down. Resist the tilt! Jess also recommends keeping your chin down.


2. flattering full body pose: Thanks to Jessica having tons of experience shooting fashion she was able to teach us some flattering new poses. Who knew that popping your hip forward makes your whole body look bigger? Jessica said the foot crossover is the ultimate universal pose that everyone looks good doing.



3. rule of thirds: We had no idea how this worked, but it is amazing to see the difference the rule of thirds composition makes in a photo. Next time you are snapping something for Instagram try to follow this rule! Jess even put some lines on her pics below to show how to align your photos.





4. switch up the light: Jessica has a GORGEOUS downtown studio with amazing light as you can see in these pics. However, if you aren’t so lucky try to create an atmosphere of natural light that is not too harsh.


5. movement: Jessica encourages moving in most photos. In this one, she just had Britt pose with her arms folded and you can see how different it looks. It felt a little awkard in the beginning to be twirling around but I love the end result. I also think it is human nature to be more relaxed when we are doing something instead of staring straight into the camera.




6. different angles: Try to move around while taking a photo. Jessica is not scared to lay on the ground or squat to get the right look. Give it a try and see all the different perspectives you can come up with!


We had so much fun at her studio – we wish we could hang out there every day. Jessica truly creates beautiful work and we are so glad she was able to sharpen up our photo skills. Make sure you check out her site!

London Top 10

new london collage Sam and I are still trying to process all of the things we saw on our European adventure, it was so amazing! We still like each other (yay) and we had such a fantastic time exploring together. I feel so lucky to have such a great travel partner. I know it sounds cheesy, but experiencing everything with Sam made it so much sweeter. To start things off, here are our Top 10 Sights to See in London!

london 9

#10 Buckingham Palace

It’s such an iconic and historical location, how can you miss this? One of the most fun things to see here is the Changing of the Guard that happens every day at 11:30am. I don’t know how those guards stand so still!

london tower bridge

#9 Tower Bridge at night.

Magical. If you’re looking for a romantic evening stroll, head to the Tower Bridge. It is magnificently lit up at night and a great spot to wander around.


london borough market

#8 Borough Market

Food Heaven. You would never guess we had traveled straight for 20 hours when we took this pic, right? When I lived in London, I don’t think I ever missed a Thursday at Borough. You MUST get the grilled cheese sandwich from the Kappacasein stand and we also splurged for the raclette because we were starving. Don’t even get me started on the chocolate… Some of the best food in London if you ask me. It’s also a great spot to go if you are touring St. Paul’s Cathedral because it’s right across the bridge.

london 6

#7 Lion King at Lyceum Theater (or any other show because they are all amazing)

Musicals are amazing, but musicals with British accents?! Basically nothing better. I always recommend going to the theater the day of and asking for their cheapest tickets. More often than not, they will offer you “partial view” seats, which usually mean really close but you can’t see one corner of the stage. We went to Lion King for 32 pounds each and sat in a box.


london orangery#6 Kensington Palace & Gardens

This is one of the most quintessentially British places you can visit. The perfectly manicured gardens are great for a morning run or an afternoon stroll. If you would like to spend some time there, I would recommend going to the Orangery for tea because it is straight out of a storybook. We tried to stalk Will & Kate, but couldn’t find them anywhere…

London Eye Collage

#5 South Bank

This is a fun area of London near the London Eye and aquarium that is filled with street performers, food trucks and fun restaurants. We got to hang out on a rooftop garden and tried out Giraffe restaurant (which sadly wasn’t that great).

london trafalgar square

#4 Trafalgar Square

The center of London. This is the best people watching location. On a sunny day in London town, there is really no place better to be.

london national gallery

#3 National Gallery

My favorite museum of all time. Sam had to endure quite a few hours of wandering, but lucky for him there are nice comfy couches everywhere. The building is gorgeous, clean and huge and displays two of my favorite artists’ work Monet and Degas. The water lily paintings are even prettier in person!

london portobello edit

#2 Portobello Market

This is hands down the best market in London. It happens every Saturday on Portobello Road and is always packed. It is filled with antiques, London memorabilia, new clothing and lots of great food. Of course my favorite is the Portobello Crepes stand! Sam loves the bratwurst and middle eastern food.

london 12

#1 Big Ben & Parliament

It is so cool to see such an iconic site in person.

London will always have my heart, I just love the energy and vibe of the entire city. Please do not be alarmed if the next time you see me I have a little bit of an accent :)



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