Last Minute Costume: Ms. Frizzle

This was my favorite of our costumes this year! Ms. Frizzle is such a fun character from our childhood. I knew I had to get my hair done so I had Aubrey from I’m Beautiful Salon work her magic. She used a small curling iron and some simple red hair spray. And the good news is it came out easily the next day! I also found some bright fun earrings. To get the outer space look going I spray painted cardboard circles to look like different planets and then just taped them onto my dress. You could also add a green chameleon if you are feeling like an over achiever.

Enjoy today, Happy Halloween!



Last Minute Costume: Unicorn

This is a costume we have been wanting to wear for years, so we finally just did it! All of the supplies are from Zurchers, and the best part is you really just need the hat (which is surprisingly warm and comfy). We paired it with a plain white t-shirt and hot pink workout leggings. Pretty magical.


Last minute Halloween costume: Tooth Fairy

I have seen a few different interpretations of the Tooth Fairy and decided to do an all out girly version! This outfit is really simple. You need your basic fairy props: sparkly tiara, wand, tutu or a-line skirt, and feathers! The easiest part of the costume is printing out a tooth shape and taping it to a white shirt (you can even draw one if you are feeling crafty). Instead of wearing bulky wings I chose to go with these little shoulder feathers. They are so much easier than wearing big wings around. I also loved the boots and the whimsical look they give to the costume. Last but not least, you will need a miniature little bag to carry all your teeth! All of the supplies were found at Zurchers! We will be sharing more of our costumes throughout the week! If you try one of these use the hashtag #twintestedcostume and we will re-post! Thanks to the always amazing Ashlee Brooke Photography for the photos. She can turn an ordinary day into a magical one! xo




dsc_3104ashleebrookephotography (1)


Last Minute Costume: Pinata

Happy HalloWEEK!

We will be sharing a different last minute costume every day this week. Each of these costumes takes less than an hour to put together and costs less than $20!

First off, we have the pinata. It’s cute and ridiculously easy to put together. I took a plain red dress I already own (super cheap from Old Navy) and used black painter’s tape to attach fringed crepe paper in several different colors. Then, I added two multi-colored party hats, red tights and a fun little pinata stick.

COSTUME PINATA 1 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 2 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 3 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 4 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 7LOGO COSTUME PINATA 8 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 9 LOGO COSTUME PINATA 10 LOGOHuge thanks to Ashlee Brooke Photography for her help with the pictures! If you end up using this idea, tag your costume with #TwinTestedCostume so we can see it!

Happy Halloweening

Weekend Escape: Sundance Resort



We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at Sundance Resort up Provo Canyon, so we decided to turn it into a little weekend getaway with our husbands!
Here are our 10 favorite things about Sundance:

1. The feast we had at Foundry Grill, the most enchanting restaurant you have ever seen. It has the most picture perfect ambiance and as you can see our food was to die for. We feasted on roasted chicken, pasta, filet mignon and ribs. We also got the truffle mac & cheese and it was some of the best ever. Melt in your mouth good. Thanks to our cute waitress’ recommendation we ordered the peach crisp with homemade blackberry ice cream on top. Hands down the best dessert I have had this fall!


DSC_0039 photo 5 (2)2. The gorgeous mini cabins that they call rooms. We both were given suites to stay in and they did not disappoint. We both married tall guys that like their space and the king beds are ginormous! I am pretty sure they are made of clouds because we both slept like rocks.



3. Haunted Lift Ride: This spooky little ride is as beautiful as it is fun. The lift offers stunning views of the mountains and the night sky. We loved the star gazing. Since you are above the action it is really great for all ages. At the bottom of the lift they have Hocus Pocus playing on a big outdoor movie screen, corn hole games, and teepee’s. Definitely our kind of Halloween haunts!

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3){of course the guy in the gorilla suit came and scared us while we were getting a picture. and of course we screamed and jumped about 10 feet}
4. The general store is pretty much the cutest thing on the planet. They have so many fun local products, it is really fun to take a look at everything.

5. Handmade Soap & Beauty Products: they make them on site and they smell amazing. Every room is fully stocked with a bunch to choose from.

6. Glass blowing: Sundance brings in world renowned glass blowing artists from Guadalajara, Mexico to create one of a kind pieces. You can even take a glass blowing class at the Sundance Art Studio. They also decorate a lot of the rooms with the hand crafted glass artwork.

7. You can build your own fire in your room. As Sam said “they give you all the supplies, so it is fail proof.” There is nothing quite as cozy as a warm fire on a cold night up the canyon.

photo 48. Location: Sam and Britt went on a canyon run in the morning and said it was absolutely beautiful. Sundance is located on the Alpine Loop and it is stunning. And this is Sam’s go to pose…. if you weren’t already aware, he works out :)  We also happened to choose the best weekend of the entire year, it was 78 degrees!

DSC_00049. Perfectly crunchy and crispy cookies for breakfast. Yes, we sometimes have dessert before we begin our day :) They pair perfectly with a pumpkin steamer or hot chocolate.

photo 4
10. Canyon drive home


Thanks to Sundance for treating us so well this weekend! It was one we will always remember! If you want more information, you can go to

Wedding Day Photos!

I have split my wedding photos into two categories: wedding and reception. I love them all! A huge thank you to Travis J Photography for capturing our day. Every time I look at them I am reminded of how lucky Parker and I are to have shared our day with so many supportive family and friends. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it the perfect day! Now onto a fabulous weekend filled with warm weather and a mini getaway!




Twin Tested: New Workout Orange Theory Fitness

orange theory 1 Orange Theory Fitness has made its way to Utah! It’s the only workout we know of that focuses on your heart rate to get results. We decided to test it out. Here’s 10 things to know about Orange Theory Fitness: orange theory 2

1. You wear a heart rate monitor during the entire workout

2. The workouts are developed by a team of doctors in Florida.

3. Each workout is 60 minutes.

4. Any skill level can take the classes.

5. The average calorie burn is between 300-600 calories per workout for women. (Brooke and I both burned more than 600!)

6. The workout is split into three parts: treadmill, rowing machine and strength training

7. Everyone’s heart rate is displayed during the entire workout on a big screen in the front of the room.

8. The trainer gives you a “target heart rate” to aim for during each part of class

9. There is fun music and the equipment is brand new.

10. After every workout, you get an email with all of your stats from class (your heart rate, how many calories you burned, etc.)

The first location is at The District. We had so much fun trying out this workout and were so sore in the days that followed. Our favorite part was the rowing machine, because it was something fun and new that definitely made us feel the burn! Tonight is the Grand Opening and they are offering all kinds of great incentives and deals to sign up. If you want to switch up your workout, you should try it out! Everyone that works there is so friendly and really helps motivate you to work your hardest during class. They have classes that range from 5:00am to 8:15pm. For more information, you can go to or call (801) 758-0500.

We loved it and are definitely going to sign up when the new Salt Lake locations closer to our houses are finished!

Let us know what you think.

Wedding Dress Dilemma

Now that I have officially been married for 3 weeks (yay!) I wanted to post a wedding photo. But before I share the photo I wanted to share my WEDDING DRESS DILEMMA story! My wedding day was truly the best day of my life and everything went perfectly… my dress was the only major hiccup along the way.
So to begin the story, a couple of weeks before Parker and I got engaged I was able to snag a gorgeous Reem Acra gown that had just gone on sale and had the exact bodice and skirt that I was looking for. Thanks to Pinterest I had an idea of what I wanted the top to be built up to look like. I found a seamstress and handed the dress over with pictures and instructions of what I wanted. Here is a picture for the top of the dress from Pinterest that I gave her: STUNNING, right? All of my wildest fashion designer dreams were about to come true! (And no I never wanted to wear pants, just that top!)

photoI went to some fittings for the dress and nothing really changed with the dress over time. Then one day I arrived for my appointment and the top of the dress had been cut off and replaced with a flimsy thin fabric. What the heck? That is when I realized this dress making thing was getting a little fishy. However, I still wanted to give the seamstress the benefit of the doubt so I scheduled another appointment for the next week. As I arrived for my final fitting 3 days before my bridal pictures I walked into the room and saw the top of the dress in shreds. Some {tacky} ribbons had been haphazardly pinned onto the flimsy top and the edges were frayed with no sleeves in sight. This is the moment that I began to panic and hope that some kind of fairy godmother would show up. I immediately went home and showed Britt this picture I had taken during the appointment:

photo (1)

Thankfully she kept me calm and successfully convinced that I would be able to find another dress in 2 days! Little did I know she was also freaking out inside (how could you not be?!?).  We were finally able to track the seamstress down after being blown off countless times. Planned out a little tag team approach and left with some cash, but NO DRESS.

This is the point when my fairy godmother/BFF Bailey came to the rescue! She told me she had a friend who bought a few extra wedding gowns for her big day and she thought I might like one of them. So… long story short I went over to the girl’s house to try on the dress and it fit like a glove. It was meant to be and I am so glad! I loved the dress I got to wear and now could not imagine things going any other way. Crazy how things always work out, right?

Here is a sneak peek my photographer Travis J sent me of our wedding day photos of the dress in all it’s poofy glory!



Bridal Photos

Now that we have officially been married for 2 weeks I wanted to share some of our bridal/groomal photos. I know a lot of people go to the state capitol for pictures but I couldn’t resist – it is just so darn pretty! The lighting, the columns, the tile work…  I just love it all. Thanks again to Travis from Travis J Photography for the pictures. Now I am counting down the days until we get pictures back from the big day! Tomorrow I will be posting the crazy story about my DRESS DILEMMA. But for now here are some of my favorites. I sure love my groom!


We just happened to be at the capitol when a large tour bus dropped off dozens of Asians who decided they wanted to take pictures of the bride and groom, it definitely made us laugh.











The Container Store + Giveaway


Brooke and I are very different when it comes to organization/cleaning. Brooke’s closet was always color coded while mine had absolutely no sense of order at all. So, Brooke has always been the first one to tell me I need to get a shoe organizer and better hangers and this thing that makes your clothes smell good… Needless to say, I’m glad one of us has our crap together when it comes to the organizing realm. I’ve always thought it was kind of a hopeless idea to think I would ever love organizing my things, but then I walked into the Container Store. It is amazing. It made me want to literally organize every inch of my living space. They have the most genius ideas that you realize you can’t live without. We picked a few of our favorites to show you here:


Magnetic BulletBoard (can use both pins and magnets) It’s not too big, which we have found to be the problem with most bulletin boards. This one is fun to keep meal plans, grocery lists and random thoughts & pictures on. Great for the home or office.


Information Central Mousepad meets notepad! This is saving me. I am SO much more efficient when I make to do lists. I also tend to be much less forgetful when I have it written down in front of me. Love the dual use of this notepad!


Muffin Mover cute + functional. I have honestly thought about how much this is going to change my life when it comes to storing muffins and cupcakes. Bring on the sugar!


Navy & Ivory Rugby Stripe Bins these are great and fit a ton of stuff inside of them! I love them for filling with throw blankets or putting magazines and books in. They would also make a great little toy bin for kids.


Eagle Creek Blue Pack-It Wallaby Organizer the perfect pack for traveling with your makeup… or if you work in TV… for bringing your makeup to work! It can hold an obscene amount of products, while of course keeping them all organized!


White 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer

If you live in Utah, the Container Store is opening a brand new location at Fashion Place mall on October 18th. It is going to be amazing! We decided it would be fun to give away a $50 gift card for one of you to spend at the new store! All you have to do is comment below by telling us the word that best describes your organizing style (i.e. messy, scattered, orderly, OCD, etc.)

Thanks for reading and happy organizing!

***Update: As of October 7, 2014 this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Turell Woodbury on the $50 gift card, we will be contacting you soon!***

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