28 things I have learned at 28 {Britt}

  1. 28 things new Summer is and always will be the best season. Bright, crisp mornings and lazy warm afternoons just make me happy. This has been one for the books: decorating our house, evening walks (we’re closer to 90 than you think), family time and more.
  2. Honesty truly is the best policy. I had to learn this one the hard way because I maybe can kind of sometimes be quite the exaggerator. (Don’t ask Sam)
  3. Having someone to come home to is the greatest feeling.
  4. Celebrate the little things – job promotions, half birthdays, successfully assembling IKEA furniture, etc. It just makes life more fun.
  5. Take off your makeup every night – your face will be so much better for it. I am so embarrassed to say it, but when Sam and I were dating I remember thinking how humiliating it would be for him to see me without makeup on. Oh the hilarity. Now that’s how he sees me 99.9% of the time.
  6. Laser hair removal is life changing.
  7. Good lip liner > good lipstick
  8. Being a morning workout person sounds so sucky, but is actually so awesome because you don’t have the dark “I still have to exercise” cloud hanging over you all day.
  9. Believe in yourself. No one else will if you don’t first.
  10. Wear whatever you want. So you love all black? Leopard print? Crazy heels? Go for it! The only sure thing about fashion is that it’s always going to change, so do what makes you happy.
  11. Exploring in nature is the most enjoyable way to de-clutter the mind.
  12. Use a tinkle razor and shave your face. It sounds so ridiculous, but your makeup will go on and stay on so much better. Plus you won’t have fuzz all over your face anytime the sun hits it just right. I know some of you are disgusted right now, but try it before you knock it!
  13. Husbands can’t read minds. So you actually have to communicate needs and expectations. “Oh you really didn’t actually mean it when you said you didn’t want anything for your birthday?” hahaha
  14. Trust your gut at work. Know when you need to speak up or move on.
  15. Start each day with a grateful thought – still working on this one.
  16. Home ownership is actually really fun. I know people give it a bad wrap, but there is something really great about having a place to call your own where you can plaster whatever you want on the walls.
  17. Love where you live. Appreciating what a beautiful and lovely place Salt Lake City is has really changed me. Yes, I love to travel, but I also love to explore my city.
  18. Complaining is a habit. It takes work to get out of the habit. (totally still working on this one too)
  19. Getting gray hairs is one of the most shocking and humbling experiences. My dad was basically all gray by 30, so HELP!
  20. No cell phone during date night. I leave it at home or in the car and don’t look at it. This has resulted in conversations where I am actually paying attention and listening intently.
  21. Kindness is all that matters. When you make someone feel valued and interesting, it’s the best thing.
  22. Give yourself credit for reaching goals. Acknowledge it and write it down.
  23. After you write it down, savor that moment. I am so terrible at being happy in the moment, I would rather talk about what I need to do next and how I can do it better, but I’ve learned simply sitting back and being pleased for a moment feels great.
  24. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Real friends are priceless. You can tell them your embarrassing moments and it just makes them love you more.
  25. Mentors are movers. They move you to accomplish more than you imagined you could. I am in the lucky position of now being able to offer advice (to the poor souls who ask for it) and I take it very seriously. I am still in debt to all of the people who took time to explain things, offer advice and encourage me.
  26. Identify nagging thoughts. This one is straight from the Queen of Happiness, Gretchen Rubin. If you do the things you really don’t want to do first, all of the sudden your day gets so much better when you accomplish them quickly.
  27. PMS is real, but chocolate really does work. Brooke would say Midol, but just pass me a cookie and I’ll be fine.
  28. I am who I am because of those closest to me and I am so grateful to them. To my husband for constantly loving me, supporting me and attempting to read my mind. My mom is still my biggest fan and it’s the best to know there is always someone cheering for me. I wish everyone could have a twin sister. It’s amazing to have a confidante and best friend, as well as a sister.

I think it’s going to be a good year! Brooke’s list is coming soon and will probably be a lot more insightful than mine :)

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